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    Originally posted by addiesue View Post
    Definitely keep the letter. How long did he work without an increase? It could be due to the amount of time.
    This is what is so odd. He has only been working close to SGA for the last 1 1/2 years. To me, that is not long enough to warrant such a giant increase. Prior to that he worked sporadically and never making more that 300-400 a month. But you are right about him not getting any kind of increase based on earnings for a looooong time.

    We keep joking that my letter should be arriving any day announcing my juicy increase too! I have worked the last 10 years, with the last 5 or more, right below SGA. When do I get my increase?!!!! LOL!!!


      Originally posted by Quimby View Post
      For 2009 the amount is $980. and for 2010 the amount will be $1000.
      Thanx! You're a peach Quimby.
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        I hate social security and their stupidity. There is a "cap" that families in certain income brackets can draw. Maybe him working put him over this cap? I hear that he gets that much and think I worked so much and still do but me and my 2 kids don't even get that much all together bc of some stupid cap. The kids in some cases get half the parents amount, but not mine. I can't figure out their system and I can't understand why the sga is the same for people with kids and people without. Not ranting on you, just the system that keeps you trapped.

        I am right now helping someone who is facing overpayment even though she did everything right, sent everything in and she got the same letter you are talking about. We are increasing your benefits.... Her overpayment was way back in 2005-6 and they are just deciding to do something. Keep everything...
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