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Do You want a job? Work for the Dept of Justice

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    Do You want a job? Work for the Dept of Justice

    I received this email and am passing it on-

    Hi. This is Ollie Cantos, Member of the Attorney General's Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities. Several weeks ago, I sent out a mailing, announcing a call by Attorney General Eric Holder to all Department of Justice components to hire additional qualified individuals with disabilities, with the ultimate goal of our workforce reflecting an employment level of 2% to consist of members of the disability community.

    Since that time, Attorney General Holder has met with our Committee, which reports directly to him, to reiterate his support for this effort.Over the course of the past several weeks, the Committee, under the direction of Chairperson Fred Parmenter and in close conjunction with Vontell Frost-Tucker, Director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Staff under the Department's Justice Management Division, has been collecting applications from interested individuals with disabilities, who are eager to join the Department.

    To help build our momentum still further, this email has been put together in order to assist in enabling members of the disability community to learn of specific job vacancies, retain a copy of the Attorney General's original directive for future reference and use, learn of various other employment-related resources, and read a letter that has been issued by the National Council on Disability (the independent federal agency making recommendations to Congress and the President on disability policies and programs), in response to the Attorney General's leadership in setting the tone for future recruitment, hiring, retention, and advancement practices within a disability context.

    In addition to completing application paperwork as part of the standard process, those who self-identify as having a disability (potentially making them eligible to be brought on board via "Schedule A" hiring authority) may call me at (202) 514-8191 [voice] and/or email me at for further instructions regarding what may be done to optimize consideration for employment.

    Whether you are a person with a disability or are networked with others who are, please forward this email far and wide in order to maximize opportunities for people with disabilities to become an integral part of our Justice Department team by filling jobs for which they are individually qualified.

    Thank you so very much for all your help in getting the word out. Your efforts will most definitely make a real difference in people's lives

    Liz, would you please forward the original email to me at the email address listed in my profile? I'd like to help distribute this message.


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      Im intrested,are there any openings for entry level?
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