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Social security money gone! In trouble.

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    Been there and done that

    Shit happens! If you reported all earnings and have records no sweat. But if you have added income and not reported it bad news!! I took my case to the a Hearing judge. Represented myself. Judge ruled against me but was reversed 1 year later. Was paid back $3000 by SS in 2000. KEEP GOOD RECORDS.
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      Originally posted by cass View Post
      are you talking to me? there was no fraud. when on SSDI, you can make over the limit if work related expenses (such as PCA, transportation, assistive devices, etc.) offset your work income enough to put you back under the limit. mine did until i went full time at a different company. it's all in the SSA Redbook. you get reviewed yearly, show proof of WRE and they review it, do the math and send you a letter of continued or discontinued benefits.
      No, it was not to any spesial person. I am not the Social Security but they would have called it a fraud if we earn a crown over the limit. I tried to work a little like I am allowed to, I earned 100 more than I should one month and next month they cut me 2000 and that month I did not work at all. I was just a substitute so I thought I could earn under the limit in the year and was not told they meant every month. Because they told me I could earn in a year and not a month. And they got crazy and I had to do a lot of explanation because that 100, it is about 13 dollars. And they threaten to take my disability money for the rest of my life. For 13 dollars, but here they are crazy about the money people try to get besides disability money, then we have to pay more for other things so in the end we have the same money.

      Like I tried to get a 50% job. When I calculated, I was loosing 4000 in the month because I had to pay much more for things and pay more tax and lost the money I have for my son from the Sosial Security and I would have lost my child support from the father too.

      I really would like to work, but it seems like I can't afford it because Sosial Security always takes away things. We use to say they give with one hand and takes back with the other. 4000 is about 600 dollars and that is 1/3 of what I get in the month after the tax is paid.

      So I did not mean to accuse anybody for anything, it must be the language barrier And in Norwegian we say you when we mean everybody, I try to not write that but it is difficult to remember.
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