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    Yay, boards back up!

    Anyway, things sure looked shadey Monday night, eh? Tuesday I promptly bailed on that XOM long gamble, and aquired SPY Mar 85 puts along with QQQQ Feb 30 puts. I do believe it is look out below time.

    Congrats on your GLD NoDecaf!


      BTO March 95 CALL yesterday on GLD, so far working out great, will see how far she runs up... Bailed on XLF for $40 loss, och hate to lose $ but part of it. I'm glad I traded just 1 lot.


        Sounds great! Looks like that "gold to $1K" is happening now, nice ramp up for sure.

        As an aside, I decided to look at what my (former) GLD options from last week were looking like...whoops, there's $3K profit I missed pocketing, lol. I needed to purge to cash though, too exposed, but sometimes I get the feeling I'm always a week early, hmmm. Definately need a better monkey to throw darts at that board

        Oh well, good luck guys, I think market down gold up is a theme for a bit at least.


          Added to the Mar SPY 85's @ ~80 on the common today, and just bailed on my Feb Q's bet. I'm set for the month...autopilot time. Wish me luck...or point and laugh


            You're a funny dude Andy.


              Dem markits be a crashin! AYEEEEEEEE

              Does it fully go though .dji magic number or not today, hmmm.

              Then .spx next week?

              Or does Bammy and his pallet of freshly printed paper save the day?

              Enquiring minds want to know!


                Nice open, lol. Cashed out for the weekend, took the money and ran.



                  Geeze I'm a greedy bastard...-qavbb in @ .77, out @ .90. Ok, now I'm done for the week, lol


                    I got me some March 82 calls on the spy.


                      Well my GLD had a high but I don't have an exit point.

                      My JP Morgan at 4o is crashing further and if the bank gets nationalized like Bernake is talking ALL shareholders and bond holders get screwed.

                      I'm frigging clueless.
                      And the truth shall set you free.


                        taking out new lows spx, s&p mini, looking real ugly...maybe we can shake out the sellers and start moving up from here. GLD has exploded 97.84 +2.05 still going higher


                          I dunno, 1K gold is a psychological point, maybe run away from there? Or things could go higher, your choice.

                          Final gamble...opex game/possible govt 'annoucement' play. In C @ 2.02, stop at 1.93, out today either way



                            Man, board acting goofy...

                            Anyway, stopped out of C.

                            Interesting how once C broke LOD, SPY got slammed. Lots of gamblers watching that one.

                            I dunno, if your long, might want to rethink that. Things looking fugly.
                            Last edited by Andy; 20 Feb 2009, 1:56 PM. Reason: dupe


                              I couldnt help myself...another round of -QAVBB In @ .57, out @ .70. I love opex!


                                I got in at 1.5 with 10 contracts. I'm not even an options trader anymore. I got tired of reading what Andy was doing while doing nothing and so now I did something. I can't wait for earnings seasons again. That's more fun with options.