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    Hello. I was speaking with a co-worker who had been laid off from the company that I work for several years ago.

    In our conversation, she mentioned that she could not get unemployment benefits because she has MS and "couldn't accept any job that was offered". I was shocked and alarmed to hear this, and find it incredibly hard to believe.

    Is this true? On one hand I find it hard to believe, but on the other, when a person is disabled and our physical abilities are limited like hers and mine our (as well as millions of other's) how CAN a person be considered for any job that may require standing, sitting or heavy lifting for example, if we can't do those things?

    Can anyone confirm, or explain? Thanks!

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    My memory (in NJ) is kind of opposite: in order to reman eligible for benefits you have to keep looking for an appropriate job, and you have to acceot any job for which you are qualified. I feel pretty confident that anyone who said one was not eligible for benefits if he/she is disabled was wrong. An accountant could still collect benefits even if she can't fill the teacher's or astrojphysicist's opening. And I think there was reasonbleness about an appropriate job; the unemployed nurse still could collect benefits even if Burger King was hiring.
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      I was denied unemployment from the post office becasue I could not perform the job I had, but it wasn't bc I was laid off. It was because I crashed. I thought you had to lose the job through "no fault of your own" Apparently getting an SCI does not count.
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        I wondder if that might have been because you were considered to fall under the disabibity program? Denying you any compensation at all seems unconscionable enough that I would go to a legislator/newspaper/local tv to get clarification.


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          That's not a stipulation. In fact, you dont' have to accept "any job offered." For instance, you don't have to accept a job that's not within a certain commuting distance.

          My first question to you is...why would you TELL the unemployment office you were disabled? It's not their business.


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            Jake, it's a little hard to hide a wheelchair or a cane. :-) It's kind of obvious that a person is disabled when they use either of those devices.

            When I spoke to her she just told me that she couldn't go on some of the interviews, or accept some of the job offers. I didn't ask why she couldn't, but I would have to assume that they would have required her to climb stairs, or stand for long periods (such as at a customer service counter), or do heavy lifting.

            We are both in the administrative/customer support field. I myself had problems with completing interviews in the past because the offices were located in older buildings that weren't retro-fitted with elevators, or the offices themselves were too cluttered to maneuver my wheelchair.

            When I speak to her again I will ask for more details. She may have just assumed that she wouldn't qualify for unemployment benefits. Living in California, it is hard to imagine that the disabled would be discrimated against so badly, since many of the ADA-type laws are more stringent than Federal laws.


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              I've been actively searching for work since march (this year) and have put in hundreds of applications and resumes. I just found out that all federally extended unemployment benefits will be ending at the first of the year (indiana). I've been on many interviews and have always felt like the pink elephant in the room.


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                I wonder if your former coworker had been on SSDI then came to work at your place, was laid off and because she was still on Trial Work Period under SSDI began receiving SSDI again immediately post layoff. I don't think she could simultaneously collect unemployment and SSDI.


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                  I don't believe in CA that you can get both state unemployment insurance payments AND state disability payments at the same time. Perhaps this was the problem.

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                    I just began receiving unemployment from the state of AZ. It asked if my disability would hinder me from searching for a job not accepting one.
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                      I was a 99 weeker on unemployment, it really screwed me. I was on 1619(b) eligibility for my Medicaid, as I started my own company (that lost money) as soon as I got laid off. Since the unemployment was "unearned income", it rendered me no longer disabled by SSA. I ended up having to do an expedited reinstatement, which put me on SSDI so I am no longer eligible for 1619(b). Be very careful whatever you do, the rules are complicated and open to some interpretation!


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                        Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
                        I don't believe in CA that you can get both state unemployment insurance payments AND state disability payments at the same time. Perhaps this was the problem.

                        I think this goes for NJ too.
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