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Transition from long-term disability to working

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    Transition from long-term disability to working

    A member has asked me to post these questions on their behalf, please help out.

    Has anyone made the transition from long term disability insurance to part or full-time work?

    How did this affect their ltd?

    How did it affect:

    Health? Emotional outlook? Energy? Pain?
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    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

    Come on! 51 of you have looked at this - at least one of you must have some relevant experience to help a member?

    Go on, I'll post some drunken porn tale or something if you do
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."


      I read it, but I have shit to offer.


        I'm interested as well. I'm on long term through my insurance. So I have to be very careful not to screw the contract up.

        Also, I do want to work but if it means living in extreme pain with pressure sores in my ass cheeks, than phuck that.


          Dunno about ltd.

          Health-You'll need to be careful.

          Energy-LOL. Working full time was an energy drain when we were ab, right?

          Emotional outlook-Depends on whether you like the job.

          Pain-It's gonna vary, too.

          Commute time will be a big factor, as will help available, injury level, age, stress. I think it will be real individual.
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            my answer is in the pain forum really, in response to derek's working fulltime in pain thread.


            yes, i was on LTD for a while before i got back to work part time enough to make enough to disqualify. it varies by company. so the question is hard to answer. my answer would not necessarily be true for someone else's LTD's policy. at Northrop, 20 hrs/wk qualified for full benefits, at Boeing, it is 32 hrs/wk., for example.

            one thing is for sure: work income will affect LTD. you must report it to your LTD carrier. only they can answer what sliding scale they use.
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              I went back to work full time in early Oct. I run a pulping system at a paper mill. 12 hour rotating shifts (nights and days). My ltd runs out in late june.

              As far as my emotional outlook, I love my job (which no doubt helps). I make great money and have a great boss. Down side is a pending divorce (HI SLUT). More on that later on a thread update since she's watching.

              Health overall has not been too bad except one episode of pneumonia.

              Shift work is a little tiring at times but I get several days off per month.

              Sometimes neuro pain gets a little bad when I can,t get out of my chair for 12 plus hours but I had pain when I was on disability as well.

              Hope this helps.
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                her is my advise I have been working now not on disability since 98 now my health has declined and I am paying for my own insurance and not making a lot of money and have some in trying to get back on anything is close to impossible so my advise is work some but don't completely go off it you might need it all of a sudden and have to wait 2 years to get back on