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Sarah Palin under consideration to head the Veteran's Administration

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    Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Sarah Palin:

    • BA, Communications/Journalism, University of Idaho, 1986
    • Wasilla, Alaska city council, 1992.
    • Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska in 1996.
    • 9th Governor of Alaska 2006-2009
    • Unsuccessful VP candidate in 2008 election.
    • Speaker, TV show host, and one of the leaders of the Tea Party.

    Bob MacDonald (VA Secretary since 2014):

    • Graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in the top 2 percent of the Class of 1975.
    • Served with the 82nd Airborne Division in the Army, and was an Army Ranger.
    • MBA from the University of Utah.
    • Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G), Employed by (P&G) 1980-2013.

    Eric Shinseki (VA Secretary from 2009-2014):

    • Graduated from Westpoint in 1965.
    • Served two combat tours in Vietnam, awarded 3 Bronze Stars and lost most of his foot in a mine explosion.
    • Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, United States Army 1996
    • Commander, NATO operations in Bosnia & Herzegovina, 1997.
    • First USA Asian-American 4 star general.
    • Chief of Staff of the Army, 1999-2003.
    • Retired from the Army, 2003.

    Nielsen ratings? Please!!!


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      I'm hoping this is just a "thanks for your support" appointment that she will take as a big honor, then turn it down (as Trump may expect) as she wouldn't want to leave Wasilla for Washington, DC.
      (This appointment can't be serious!)


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        It's dead serious, haven't you been watching? Next it'll be D.Duke to head dept. of race relations.