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    Armed Forces Retirement Home

    A couple of facts:

    The ARFH has more applicants than spaces. Current priorities are:
    • Category 1 - 100% disabled vets with 20 or more years of service
    • Category 2 - 100% disabled vets with less than 20 years of service
    • Category 3 - qualifying vets rated at less than 100% disability

    The home is currently filling all available spaces with category 1 and 2 vets.

    You may apply to the AFRH as soon as you qualify. 100% disabled vets may apply on retirement from the service without having to wait until qualifying by age.

    The ARFH maintains a waiting list (3 actually, by category) and available spaces are offered to vets based on the date that they submitted their application. When a vet is offered a space, s/he is not obligated to accept it. You will not lose your place at the top of the list even if you decline an offer. You are not ever obligated to accept a place at all.

    Should you switch your desired location (D.C. or Gulfport), your application remains based on the date of original application.

    If you are qualified to apply and your disability subsequently increases to 100%, you will change categories but still maintain your place on the list based on date of application.

    Bottom line: apply as soon as you qualify. It is a no-lose situation for you. Additionally, Congress looks at the number of vets on the waiting list when considering adding new facilities so even if you have no intention of actually living there, you are helping your fellow vets out by applying.

    Eligibility and Application.
    Played with bombs- No SCI, Brain Damage enough that I require a chair and a caregiver.

    Are there just two homes or more? I thought I've seen them in different places when I was a kid.


      There are two homes, one in D.C. and one in Gulfport, Mississippi. The Gulfport rooms are a lot bigger and more modern, but D.C. has more to offer off campus.

      It has been considered to build another campus but the funding has never been available. If there were more people on the list, it might come up again. The funding for the AFRH is not through taxes, but through private contributions. Also, all the money that is ever taken away during UCMJ is sent to the AFRH. Every service member has a 50 cent deduction once a month to support the AFRH.
      Played with bombs- No SCI, Brain Damage enough that I require a chair and a caregiver.