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A success story

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    A success story

    I wanted to let ya'll know about a friend of mine, and how he has managed to turn his life around.

    Here and here are two news stories. What they don't show is the fact that Justin can really only walk a few feet. He uses a segway to get around now that he no longer needs a chair. Also not shown is his service & therapy dog from Carolina Canines.

    He retired from the Army a bit ago and is doing well. I saw him go from a depressed and withdrawn angry man in a chair with no independence to a proud and confident man with his life under control. He is possibly the best successful recovery story I know.
    Played with bombs- No SCI, Brain Damage enough that I require a chair and a caregiver.

    awesome! congratulations to him!
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"