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Any Of My Fellow Veterans Going to The National Veterans Wheelchair Games In Denver?

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  • Any Of My Fellow Veterans Going to The National Veterans Wheelchair Games In Denver?

    I was wondering if any of my fellow Veterans are going to the National Veterans Wheelchair Games this July 2010 in Denver Colorado? If you are please let me know so that we can make plans to meet each other & get to know one another while at the games. If you want my cell phone number just pm me here & will will gladly share it with you.

    Bob S.
    Air Force 8/71 to 5/75
    Sargeant E-4
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    Wish I could go with our team, but I have to stay home and hold down the fort while our therapists attend. Better start training in earnest now if you want to be able to perform well at that altitude! Have fun!

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      Thanks KLD for Your Reply to My Thread About Going this July to the NVWG in Denver,Co

      Hi KLD,
      Thanks for your reply. I was hoping that you would be able to take your turn this July to attend the NVWG in Denver, Colorado. I'm disappointed that I wont' get to meet you at the games this year. Sorry to hear that you have to stay behind & hold down the fort so the therapists at your VA can go to the wheelchair games.

      Thanks also for the suggestion that I start training in earnest now so that I can perform at the games at that altitude.



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        ill be there so sure!! im part of the puerto rican team. see you there


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          I will be there again this year. Lopez787 I saw your pic and I remember you from the games when it was your first year there. You were a beast on the bench. Look forward to seeing you there this year. You had a big following. I'll make sure to say what's up if I see you. Same with you RAFS


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            I hope to go someday....I am going to the Winter Sports Clinic in a couple of weeks.