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VA Assisting Veterans with Health Care Costs

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    VA Assisting Veterans with Health Care Costs

    January 6, 2009

    WASHINGTON -- For veterans struggling financially due to a job loss or decreased income, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers an assortment of programs that can relieve the costs of health care or provide care at no cost.

    “With the downturn in the economy, VA recognizes that many veterans will feel the effects,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. James B. Peake. “Therefore, it is important that eligible veterans learn of the many ways VA has to help them afford the health care they have earned.”

    Veterans whose previous income was ruled too high for VA health care may be able to enter the VA system based upon a hardship if their current year’s income is projected to fall below federal income thresholds due to a job loss, separation from service or some other financial setback. Veterans determined eligible due to hardship can avoid copays applied to higher-income veterans. Qualifying veterans may be eligible for enrollment and receive health care at no cost.

    Also eligible for no-cost VA care are most veterans who recently returned from a combat zone. They are entitled to five years of free VA care. The five-year “clock” begins with their discharge from the military, not their departure from the combat zone.

    Each VA medical center across the country has an enrollment coordinator available to provide veterans information about these programs. Veterans may also contact VA’s Health Benefits Service Center at 1-877-222 VETS (8387) or visit the VA health eligibility website at

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    I recently had an appendectomy, I went to a local ER because of the extreme pain, had the x-rays, and was diagnosed. Once diagnosed I went to the local VA hospital, where I recieved great care, but due to the OR rooms being under maintenance, I was sent across the street to one of the best health care facilities around. The surgery was great, and my total bill was $50, I have to say this was one of the better benefits I have recieved for having served overseas for 18 months in Iraq. The total bill....$15,000


      That's the way it should work, raven75, glad they took care of you. A huge thank you for your service.
      get busy living or get busy dying