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    i wrote a responce this week and it didnt go thru, but got a email from someone named jim who said to reset my password and retry i guess. just a reminder to some. a few of us are slow at this tech (computer stuff) anyway i am still trying to get help with my sci problems from the va. in the last month or so, most of the va primary team that i was assigned to has left. doctor included. i took some advice from a forum at the university of washington sci center, and requested that maybe they could assign me to a dr. who has some knowledge insci. my new dr. told me that out of over 40000 enrolled patients in the montana va. they had only one sci patient and that was me. i have a c3 and c4 and t10 injuries and the new dr. referred me to care in the community to see a chiropractor. when i was on the forum before (last fall) i tried to get someone to understand what some types of healthcare thru the va is like in montana. little to none. if anyone on the forum is on here and from montana, please contact me. bamboo willie