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Anyone have Chronic Axonal Peripheral Neuropathy??

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  • Anyone have Chronic Axonal Peripheral Neuropathy??

    Since this site is so very cool in many ways I found this thread so thought I'd got out on a linb and ask the werld if anyone out there has this type of Peripheral Neuropathy? Though I'd give it a try, never know.

    Since its so rare if there are others I'd love to chat.

    Cheers Pony

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    I have it. well that's one of the diagnoses i got. it seems pretty accurate cuz a biopsy showed low axon count.

    nice to meet ya!


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      Well I'll be.... never quite expected to find someone since it so rare. Pleased to meet you too. You interested in communicating? Am pretty new to this place, so wondering how we get in contact....... hmmmmmmm.. lemme see maybe if i click on your name.... i'll go try... and return in a day or so see what u think.

      Ciao P


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        yeah you should be able to private message me. i cant message you, so it'd have to be you initiating....only on here like once a week but will get back to you if you do send somethin'.


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          Me Too

          But I know very little about it. My Neurologist told me that it is mild Axonal Peripheral Neuropathy. I don't know enough about it to know what to ask. Pretty much he just put me on Nortiptyline and said I can always call.

          Can you help me out?



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            what's nortyptalin?

            well i have all feeling, but very weak muscles. they get stronger with therapy, but its veeeeeery slow. speeds up when i take 4-AP and gotu kola...what did you want to know?


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              my husband was diagnosed w/ this... seems to flare up in the heat. he is slowly able to build back muscle. get's very tired. he's getting better after about 4 years of trouble.