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"First drug found to promote Remyelination"

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    "First drug found to promote Remyelination"

    This may already be here because I’m not sure how else I would have it opened. I’m curious if improved transmission speed is truly proof of remyelination. Doesn’t 4-ap do that without being curative? Although in contrast they do say that the effects persisted after withdrawal of the drug. In my experience, 4 -ap’s help evaporates at least within a couple days, if not immediately. I forget where I was (Hospital Kessler) when my caregiver snuck it to me, but my therapist noted the difference in my moving my arm.

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    Researchers have found definite evidence of remyelination after taking Clemastine, and the improvement persisted when the drug was stopped.

    course, they are not! On this occasion, despite the drug that researchers were testing being an old drug commonly prescribed for hayfever, they found definite evidence of improved neurological function after taking the drug, and the improvement persisted when the drug was stopped.
    It seems highly likely, given what the researchers have previously tested, that the drug promoted remyelination, something which no agent has previously been able to do.
    The research team at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), led by Prof Jonah Chan tested the drug clemastine (trade name Tavist) which has been licensed by the FDA for 40 years now for use in hayfever and allergies and is now a cheap generic.
    Importantly they tested the drug in people with chronic longstanding MS who had quite a bit of central nervous system damage.
    To their surprise they used a sensitive test of the speed of transmission of nerves in the visual pathways and showed that it speeded up substantially, meaning that transmission through the whole central nervous system was likely to be speeded up for those taking this medication.
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