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Cord compression/myelomalacia

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  • Cord compression/myelomalacia

    I am having great difficulty understanding and would love some input. I had ACDF with spacer C4-5 in April for herniated disc with significant cord compression resulting in Myelomalacia. Naturally you anticipate this to be the end all be all and no guarantees given. However, since this surgery my spasticity has gotten worse and worse instead of better. Left leg and foot clonus is worse. New MRI doesn't show anything is wrong. EMG NCS SSEP all normal. NS believes that because of the amount of compression I had for the length of time 9 months I may or may not see any improvement at this point just hurry up and wait. I also continue to deal with numbness and tingling in left arm and hand as well as lack of dexterity. I would love any input or helpful suggestions!