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Does MS Make a Person Evil, Stadistic, Mean, Ungratful, and Violent?

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  • Does MS Make a Person Evil, Stadistic, Mean, Ungratful, and Violent?

    My lil sister was diagnosed at 15 with MS. She is the meanest person I have ever know yet thinks it everyone else. NO one is safe from her furry... is this a part of ms ? I think she might also have mental issue too. I have been a complet t5 parapligic for 20 years I know I can't regulate my body tempature. Is ms the same? She says its different that her not being able to do it will fry her brain . But wouldn't that happen to anyone who's body got too hot... please help me understand I really don't want to have negative feeling about her... If its because of the ms I will continue to endure the daily abuse..but It is hard.. ma

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    I?ve never heard such a thing. I know brain problems can cause all sorts of stuff; my friend?s brother, who was damaged at birth, morphed from being the sweetest kid to a real ogre in later years. But you?re a complete paraplegic. I don?t think you should endure anyone?s abuse.


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      MS usually causes intolerance of high temperatures...I have great difficulty walking about 75 degrees F.

      MS may also cause "pseudobulbar affect", which in some people, causes disagreeableness. Me? I cry at some TV commercials.


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        I am an understanding person being in a wheelchair my self. But she will abuse her dog when her dog is in her way but the dog just wants to love her. She can walk run break doors. The littest thing will make her explode. She is verbally abusive and not even doctors are safe from being attacked. .. she was even kicked off an ms forum on face book. My dad just allows her to do it say she is not in control of it.


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          This doesn't sound like behavior directly related to MS. Since your sister was diagnosed at age 15, she might be very angry about being invaded by this disease at a time in her life when other kids are envisioning a carefree idealized future. She needs to have a psych evaluation, for her own sake and her family's, and she should also be seen by a neurologist because some of her behavior could be caused by ailments other than MS. Perhaps she was even misdiagnosed originally. Heat intolerance is a well-known feature of MS, and cognitive changes like "brain fog" and depression are often seen with MS - but what you are describing sounds extreme and it requires looking into. If she's on meds, those should be reevaluated, as well.
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            My brother in law's mother has ms, she drinks a bit too much, is prone to weird outbursts (mostly when drunk) and falls down. She seems quite normal when you meet her but you get warned to watch it around her.

            Anyway I myself was made acutely aware of her weirdness at a set of traffic lights near our place one busy Friday afternoon couple years back.

            Anyway, so I pull up at the lights to go straight ahead up a long straight toward our place (she lives a couple of blocks away) she pulls in beside me to turn right onto the highway. For some reason when the light went green she took off right next to me and did not turn off...instead she fucking "raced" me up the hill, she would not yield in any way. I backed out of the stupidity and let her by, my wife goes "i told you she was a fucking weirdo". I saw her a few months later at a family function and was introduced to her, i smiled and said nothing about her odd driving habits. I felt like telling her she needs to be relegated to a mental institution.

            I know nothing of MS I am not making an assumption that all MS sufferers are weirdos. She is like any of us dealing with a life changing condition, some of us have difficulty with the denial/acceptance balance.
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              These are not common effects of MS. I would strongly suggest that you and other family members try to get her into some counseling with a psychologist who can also assess any MS-related cognitive problems that may be contributing to her psychiatric problems (which she certainly has) and get her into some counseling and treatment.

              On what basis was she diagnosed as having MS? It does not sound from what you say that she has much in the way of physical impairment. How long ago was she diagnosed?

              The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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                I?m sorry. I had no business commenting on something I know nothing about. Buts I do think consulting a professional would be a great idea. Perhaps there is medication that could help. And I do you think you should try to protect yourself on all fronts.


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                  Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
                  On what basis was she diagnosed as having MS? It does not sound from what you say that she has much in the way of physical impairment. How long ago was she diagnosed?

                  Agreed. I would suspect she was misdiagnosed or doing the drug thing ... most at that age do ... and sometimes they screw up their brain chemistry. Sounds more like that to me.
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                    I am very sorry she is treating you this way. I have had symptoms of MS since 1972 and was Dx'd in 1988. I may be old fashioned but I believe in treating others as you'd like to be treated, and if you have nothing nice to say.....say nothing at all. I don't care what a person has, it does not give you the right to be rude, mean or out of control. Sounds like she needs serious behavior modification, and a professional can evaluate what her underlying issues are. Personally for myself, i surround myself with positive people and positive activities. Remove yourself from her when possible, and do not give her attention for poor behavior.....Hope your family can find help for her. Do something nice for yourself, you need only take care of you. An occasional bad day is one thing, a way of life is another.
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                        I'm sorry you are going thru this but I'm actually dealing with the same thing right now. He is on anti depressants and when he doesn't take his medication he gets very ugly. Purposely knocking holes in the walls with his wheelchair, pulling my hair, biting me, throwing things, breaking things, saying down right mean and hurtful things. He fell out of his chair Thursday and is now in the hospital. He broke his hip and had to have surgery to have it pinned. He threw a major fit in the er and they had to call security and the cops to calm him down and filed a domestic abuse report against him. This week I have really had to stop and think when is enough enough? I love him with all my heart and can't believe that MS has made such a monster out of him. Hoping his meds will be changed and the old him returns soon for all of our sakes.


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                          MSWIFE1 ... sorry to hear about your husband. You, certainly, don't need this. I would assume they'll give him Haldol in the hospital which will make him manageable...for them. It has some long lasting effects.

                          PM me if you need someone to listen...


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                            Thanks Willing. No I really don't need this but its happening anyways. They gave him something Thursday night in the ER which calmed him down pretty quick. I'm not sure what it was but it was administered thru the IV. Next day he was back to being mean to me and snappy with them. He actually should have got to come home Saturday but due to his attitude I told them I don't really want him to come home. I need a break. They are suggesting in patient rehab. Trying to explore all my options here. Our wonderful aide left in December and now its just me. I'm searching for someone to help out and hope to have them in place before he gets released.


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                              it sounds like your angry sister needs behavior counseling or therapy. Its possible to fix that is she has the desire. Maybe she is getting a sort of high from the anger endorphins that let loose with rage. it could get addicting.

                              Im also wondering like others if she has ms. I have two close friends with ms, one is very sweet and kind the other wants to be but can have nasty, suspicious, paranoid days. Both are sensitive to heat and cold.

                              I think the friend is affected by his meds, but it may have started with his thyroid going bad. he got such strange unpredictable anger and verbal aggression that I had to let the friendship go after 20 years of a good friendship. I couldn't deal with the stress of never knowing when or why he would go off.

                              he would twist up some offence from months past that I had nothing to do with, and start badmouthing me to mutual friends, and they would call me and say, what did you do to Dave? He's really mad at you. Id answer I didn't know, call him to find out what was up, and he wouldn't make sense. he would call back and blame it on his thyroid meds.

                              Maybe your sisters thyroid has gone bad too. that can be a terrible roller-coaster for a persons moods. he is even more sensitive to heat since needing thyroid meds.