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Australian Broadcasting Corporation - filmed forum - 20th November

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  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation - filmed forum - 20th November

    Dear Team,

    The ABC needs your help to explore the topic of stem cell treatments for the documentary series, Head First.

    Head First originally aired on ABC TV in early 2013 and followed the stories of ordinary Australian's dealing with and living through extraordinary journeys. Some of the stories that were followed included, what it's like for Australian kids and adults to transition from one gender to another, tracking down Nigerian Scammers and following a Australian women as she searched for her brothers remains in Syria

    To find out more about the series -

    You can also watch the series on ABC catch up TV, IView and searching for Headfirst, in documentaries -

    In the second series we are meeting people who are taking their health and happiness into their own hands, by making the decision to travel to international clinics to receive stem cell treatments.

    As part of the documentary, we are going to be holding a filmed forum on November 20th, in Melbourne Victoria.

    We, would like to invite members of public who have a vested interest in this area, who are thinking of getting stem cell treatment, following research or hoping stem cell treatment might be an option in future to help with their own health; we also want to invite friends, family members, carers and other interested members of the community to be part of this filmed forum. We will be discussing the pros, cons, research and people's thoughts on stem cell treatments. We want as many passionate people as possible to be a part of this forum, this will make up a significant part of the documentary and will give the Australian community a great insight into the community and issues around stem cell treatments.

    If you would like to be part of this important documentary then please contact us ASAP;

    Sian Gard
    Senior Researcher
    Head First / ABC TV