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    I just checked sbaa education days and the closest to you appars to be in John Hopkins in Baltimore on June 1


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      I do not have SB but my disability occurred at birth and is significant. The biggest piece of advice I would give any parent with a child who has a physical disability is to try not to treat them differently. My mother never allowed me to use my disability as an excuse for anything.

      For example, I remember one time in HS I was getting ready and had some bowel difficulties. As a result I missed the bus. My mother drove me to school however, she refused to write me a late pass. Her response was I needed to prepare for these types of "hiccups" in life.

      Because of her hard nose ways I am a highly educated, mature, and successful individual. A few years back she and I were discussing this and she told me it was extremely hard for her to not give in and run to my aid every time I ran into hardships. I thank her tremendously for being so strong.

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        kasia-What lesion is your DD? Where does her sensation end?
        What's a good sport for Francesca to get into, considering her lesion?
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          I'd have her see a good child neurologist/physiatrist. If she's attempting to crawl she may benefit from a course of rehab. Since myelin continues to grow until about the age of 3 years maybe start her off on a stomach scooter.
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            I asked their expets some of my questions, and signed up for their newsletter.