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Optical Neuritis (sp?)

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  • Optical Neuritis (sp?)

    New symptom. Blurred vision. I had cataract surgery about a year ago, and my eyesite was set at 20/30. I work on a computer all day, so that was just fine. I got glasses for distance, but seldom had to wear them.

    i had two doctor appts last week, so I spent about 8 hrs in my wheelchair...first time I was in the chair in months. Swelling in my feet and legs got really bad. Woke up the next day, and couldn't read my computer screen.

    It gets better as the day goes on...not bad right now at 10:45, but I really don't need this interfering with my work.

    Do I understand correctly that this is probablt temporary and will clear up on its own...soon?

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    It might be temporary, but I know that many doctors prefer to treat optical symptoms of this kind right away with IV steroids (in hopes of preventing or slowing down permanent damage to the optic nerve) - so I think you ought to call your primary ASAP.
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      I agree. Call your neurologist and decide together whether you should consider treatment. When it comes to your eyesight, I wouldn't mess around. It might progress, or it might leave you with a permanent deficit so you should definitely consider with your doctor if IV steroids is appropriate.


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        Current PCP is useless....he's from the "...I don't know, go see this specialist..." school of medicene.

        One of the appts I had last week was with a MS/Rehab specialist who advised against steroids in my case (I have had infusions last year, with no noticable effect). His opinion was that with SPMS, steriods don't help, but he reffered me on.

        So, I do have an appt on the 7th with the best MS guy in the area, and will discuss it with him.


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          Just to add...I moved recently, and I'm now 150 miles away from the last neurologist I saw. I'm in the process of building a new (and better, I hope) team of doctors, but at the moment I've got no one to call until I see this guy on the 7th.


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            Yes, I remember that you no longer have a neuro - didn't realize that your Primary was still the "referral guy," though, LOL! The 7th (assume you mean March) is a long time away, based on the acute nature of your symptoms - hope you get better, but in your shoes (and I know I'm not in your shoes, so I don't mean to sound preachy) I'd probably want to talk to someone sooner - maybe going to an ophthalmologist who can look closely at your eyes and optic nerves, or finding another Primary who can see you right away. It's tough to find a new neuro on short notice, so that might not be an option.
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              Echoing everyone here but you need to go now. I don't care if you have to go to the ER and have them bring in a nuerologist. David has had blurred/partial vision with pain in his left eye for 7 years now, its never went away.


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                Originally posted by MSWIFE1 View Post
       need to go now. I don't care if you have to go to the ER and have them bring in a nuerologist.
                Sounds like an excellent suggestion to me.
                MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


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                  Ah geez, another emergency I just can't deal with right now.

                  Many reasons why I've got no choice but to wait it out. According to:


                  ...its likely to go away on its own. Since it does clear up a couple of hours after waking, I guess I take my chances.

                  Thanks for the advice, anyway.


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                    I hate Dr.'s too. Not them personally but you know what I mean, just hate going for myself. But darn it, if you were my husband I would be kicking you in the butt. You got to start taking care of yourself, asking or demanding help. (better dr.'s, better care) David hid his walking like he was drunk from me for about a month, I was so mad at him cause he was just sitting around, but then I caught him walking and realized he was scared and hiding it from me. Not saying you are scared but honestly with this disease I AM scared, scared as to what could happen, scared that if the symptoms aren't treated it could get worse.
                    I'm done preaching, but please, please do take care of yourself.


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                      I do appreciate the "preaching"...I do tend to be a stubborn SOB and often need to be drug by the ear.

            , the symptoms are gone. I'm seeing clearly again. I will certainly discuss this with the doctor on the 7th, but, at the moment. things are back to my "normal"


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                        Glad things are better and glad you didn't get mad at me for being so pushy. Hope this new team of Dr.'s you are working on can get you some much needed answers.


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                          From what I've read about steroid treatment of MS symptoms, they do not affect the eventual outcome of a relapse-remission (i.e., the amount of residual disability), they only reduce the length of the relapse. And sometimes they only interrupt the relapse by providing a temporary reduction of symptoms, which then flare again after the steroid treatment stops.

                          I've never taken steroids for flare control, and I doubt I ever will. I am medically retired (on SSDI), so would rather accept the normal course of a flare than the potentially wicked side effects of steroids. I know a young lady (30ish) who had to have a hip replaced because of intravenous steroid treatment for ON.
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