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MS–flaccid bowel pain

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  • MS–flaccid bowel pain

    I've had MS since 1981, slow progressive. I went into a wheelchair in 1993. Not much change since then. Except for the chronic pain in my lower bowel region. The doctor says it's a flaccid bowel (the bowel only hurts when it is stretched).

    The pain started about nine months ago. It's not terribly bad but, since it's with me every waking hour hits hella annoying. I seem to eliminate sufficiently with dig stim but that makes no difference in the pain.

    Are there any fellow sufferers out there? Any treatments?


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    I too have MS and chornic pain in the lower bowel area. A CT scan a few years ago showed it was diverticulosis. Has your doctor run a CT scan or are they just assuming flacid bowel? My previous neuro had told me that because of the wonderful constipation caused by MS and it's related internal pressures that diverticulosis is extremely common with us. The pain can be managed with a simple change of diet and increase in fluids but may also require antibiotics if you developed any infections in the diverticula.


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      Hi Friscobeat
      Has anyone done a flat-plate xray of your abdomen? I would recommend that first. Is your bowel program regular? or is it "off"?

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        fellow sufferer. my daughter is 9 and was born with a tethered spine. we had surgery at 5 months old. for the last year or longer we have been dealing with the chronic pain in the abdomen and i do not know what to do. our bowel program is not all that regular. which specialist do we see for this? she has a neurologist and a urologist, but im guessing now we need to see someone different? she usually starts throwing up when the pain hits and i have told every doctor and they dont address it. i just assume she is throwing up from the pain of it. i have no idea what i am doing.


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          After: an XRAY series, CTs with and without barium, vaginal sonogram with PAP, colonoscopy (lost 2 polyps, yea) and a laporatomy it was concluded I had diahhrea dominant IBS. Fix was 1 scoop of cholestryamine and 1 Align (OTC) a day. That manages it pretty well but when something causes it to flare up I have 5mg of oxycontin for it. We did all the tests because of a family history of colon cancer and bleeding ulcers. I have pretty good pain sensation but this is an inside body area where 'referred pain' may have been from anything.

          A PCP should be able to work with a gastroenterologist to get the various tests done that your specific pain might indicate but start with a family history and non-invasive tests first. And I think a 9 year old would not need to see an OB/GYN unless an xray/CT saw something. With the vomitting a GI doc would probably do an upper GI test too.
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            Hello i have slugish bowels and get spastic at times and i have been to a rectal dr. he after alot of tests to see that there is no bad problems he gave my nitro glycerin to put at my anel, only a small amount .5 with vaseline cause the side affects ( headaches) would be to bad. he said it helps relax soft tissue thats why helps prevents a heart attach. just went today iwill let know if helps Marge