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Cervical Syringomyelia??

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  • Cervical Syringomyelia??

    Does anyone know what a congenital Benign syrinx/persistent central canal looks like?

    What is the average size?

    Can they change in size?

    Can they become symptomatic after a trauma?

    I started suffering a multitude of symptoms but the one that has me really baffled is when the barometric pressure drops below 30.20 my pain, tinnitus, headaches and balance all get worse. I get this like internal pulsating in my head and chest and will get very shakey. The headaches are on the right side behind my ear, it goes over my ear, around my head to the right eye. I have blurry vision and see yellow and bluish green colors and little brite white snowflakes.
    I have no Rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia.

    I have been diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome, vestibular/ocular migraines,
    POTS, chronic pain syndrome, radicular pain syndrome and motion sickness. I have several cervical and lumbar issue that are moderate to severe. I have no reflexes and developing scoliosis. I have burning scapular pain that narcotics, lyrica,cymbalta,gabapentin or any muscle relaxers will not stop the pain and I have right shoulder drop (chronic shoulder dyskinesia). Nerve studies show no issues.

    About the only test I haven't had is a lumbar puncture to check CSF opening pressure or a Cine MRI to see if there is an issue with CSF flow.

    I think it's either a congenital syrinx that's become symptomatic or a post traumatic syrinx that is causing CSF Flow issues or some type of cord injury or compression.

    I do not have chiari or a brain abnormality.

    I have no psychiatric issues but do see a psychologist for mild chronic depression.

    I had 5 other neurology and neurosurgeons diagnose with syringomyelia but the Chiari/Syringo Neurosurgeon I traveled out of state to see says its congenital and doesnt know what is causing my symptoms but it's not the syrinx. I have so many more stmptoms I didn't list.

    I am 40 and never any health issues until 3 years ago.

    I'm just trying to find some one who can put these pieces together and help me get my life back or give me a diagnosis so I can stop searching and just try and deal with what ever it is that ails me.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. I appologize for the long post but thought the more I provided the less questions. Again thank you for any direction.

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    It sounds to me like you need a good headache Neurologist. Almost everything you describe sounds like migraines. Sometimes you can get lost in the details and the big picture gets overlooked. Pressure changes in the environment are classic triggers to migraines.

    I'd also throw in some physical therapy for your multiple complaints.

    At some point, when you have seen 5 different neurologists/neurosurgeons, you need to step back a little...