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Can a caregiver help me or am I being weak?

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    id totally hire someone to do the vacuuming, floors, and tub if I could afford to.


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      Originally posted by darkeyed_daisy View Post
      You are starting to compete with Mr Coffee for shit stories LOL

      I love it but I could not imagine it!!!!
      glad it wasnt my apartment. it was about as bad as when their kid poopainted her walls though.

      they had to rent a carpet machine after the roomba incident. I wonder if their poo drama's have subsided?


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        Handhelds are under 'accessories'. I think my Dad's is a Moen. He broke his hip last Christmas and just feels safer sitting to shower now that he's all healed up. No idea my brand but do make sure whatever you buy includes a diverter or order one seperately so your husband just pushes the button and the water goes to the regular showerhead. We did have grab bars installed also and he wanted one facing the controls in case he lost his balance adjusting the water controls. And yes, get cleaning help for awhile if you can and concentrate on bathing, sunshine and getting your stamina back. I'm working on the stamina thing too after several things in a row and it is hard to get it back. I actually managed a trip to the mall on a weekend with hubby, dinner at Macaroni Grill and then managed one sink load of hand washables. Tomorrow is getting things packed, last few washes and call a last minute rx in...Tuesday begins a vacation including an Alaska cruise and I am so glad that so much of these cruises is watching the scenery! I will not sweat formal nights or even trivia games. LOL This will be a stamina builder and nice quiet time with hubby. We planned this one way back so the only changes I've made is my wardrobe is based on warmth not someone elses idea of "proper attire". 8I mean they allow Sarah Palin back in so... But clean hair I will have. Now if it will stop raining! Oh, I use a Eureka Little Boss for in between vacumning because it works on hard or carpet floors. Lightweight and recharable. In a powerchair you can push it around easier too. There is no way my husband and I could have lasted past those first 2 years without a cleaning lady once a week. She does a once over thorough job and we keep up the daily stuff. It really depends on your injury and energy level but feeling clean helps your state of mind and that keeps you aiming higher.
        Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

        Disclaimer: Answers, suggestions, and/or comments do not constitute medical advice expressed or implied and are based solely on my experiences as a SCI patient. Please consult your attending physician for medical advise and treatment. In the event of a medical emergency please call 911.


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          Thank you all so much for the tips, tricks and general positive vibes. I went on vacation with my Hubby to visit my family. It was very interesting and really opened my eyes.

          My family saw me in my chair for the first time. Some of it was good (talking with my little cousin) and some of it felt like I was being pulled like taffy (manual wheelchair in the mountans woah!). Now I'm back home and have bathed since I wrote last lol I also chopped off a lot of my hair. I look kindof funny but I can wash my hair again. I think about 10 inches got chopped off. It was so much easier to wash and I don't have to brush it as long now either.

          I love the idea of really dividing up the dishes- I'm going to go over everything now that we're truly packing for the move. It's feeling good to get things in boxes and think about all the times I can wheel out on my own once we move.

          There are three stairs, it's true. I'm hoping we can get a little ramp or make one. I tried to call the CIL here and it was very awkward. I think the person I talked to was just having a poor day so I'll call back this next week.

          OMG the poo story with the roomba LOL that was hilarious and terrifying at the same time

          I have a few friends who could use an extra hundred bucks a month. I think I'll ask one of them to vacuum once every week- or just give me a hand. Sometimes all I need is for someone to be here so I"m not so afraid of falling again. It's so funny when I think about it sometimes. The floor is only a few feet away but man, am I ever scared of crossing that distance!


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            Here's how it was exlpained to me and it helped so maybe it will help you

            "a pca/cna is to help you live as independently as possible by assisting you with yoru daily life activities. They can help save your energy for taking care of your relationships or whatever else you wan to concentrate on. They are there to assist you so that you can spend more time being independent. CNA/PCA's dont' do it for fact the company will pull them from you if they have realize you just want a "house keeper" or chef.

            However if you are looking to someone help you wash your hair while you wash other parts or if you are looking to have them vacumne the house so you can save your energy and help your kid with their homework...that is valid and EXACTLY what they are for Theyr'e not there to take AWAY your independence, they're supposed to come in and INCREASE it so that you can live the life you want.

            I am highly physically mobile from the waist up and very independent both in body and mind.

            Here's some things a PCA has helped me with in the past.

            I dont' drive so they drive me places ..they reach high things on the grocery shelf for me while i get the lower things. They help push the cart while I pay the cashier

            -becuase i have to be ON the bed to make it, it takes a really long time and never looks nice A PCA helps by straightening out the sheets/comforter/pillows after i've spread it all out myself

            -A PCA helps me dust tthe top shelves and in the corers of the ceiling while i dust the knick knacks on the shelves i can reach....

            Yes somedays a pca will do things and I will rest because I'm in pain, but they usually are doing soemthing WITH me not FOR me. maybe thinking of it that way can help....please use anything you can to pull up your spirits adn get your life back on track.
            a PCA is supposed to be a team effort.
            Liza R. McCollum


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              Hey BlueRing, It sounds like your trip was a success and you have some new ideas going forward.
              I'm sure it feels weird getting used to so much hair cut off, but it must feel good to be able to manage it.