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    Hi I am 64 years old soon to be 65 and my problems started a long time ago when I was 8 years old I started with weakness in my legs and then to my arms. Within a few weeks I was paralized from the neck down. After many test they fond a blockage at c2, c3 at that time I was complete after 3 1/2 months in the hospitla they sent me home still not able to move. After being home for about two weeks I started to get movement back and returned to near normal but wet the bed each night. At 10 years of age it happen again and in the second operation I recoverd in a shorter time. My bed weting continues most of my life with so on and off periods. Then about 6years ago I started wetting day and night and starded to wear diapers 24/7. Three years ago the discover something at the c2,c3 site again and would have to go in to see what it was. It ended up being a blood clot in the spinal colm was removid and a metal plate and bone graft put in at c2,c3 but by this time had damaged the spinal colm. This left weakness on my left side and was most likely the cause of loss of bladder function. Two years ago my uroligist started my on intermintent cath because of retainage and did this two times a day and still had to wear diapers. Over time the caths were done every two hours and I still leaked in between. Two months ago I as the dr if I could use a foley on weekends as it was not convient to cath every two hours and still leak in between. I like using the foley no diapers and with a belly bag very convient. My dr does not like me using the foley and would rather intermint cath if it were not for the retainage I would have just continued to use diapers. He told be today becaue I developed an infection in my right testical that was one of the dangers of a foley. His suggestions were to do botox injections and then intermintant cath. or if I wandt to stay with a foley do a superpubic foley procedure. I just don't know what to do now. I do like the foley and belly bag but don't know wht will be best

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    I am no neurologist or urologist but cathing every two hours is pretty frequent. I have to every 4 to 6 hours and its a pain. You didn't say anything in your post about trying any sort of bladder spasm drugs like oxybutynin, had you tried anything like that? It has helped a lot of SCI people with bladder problems.


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      Hi t8burst I am not haveing any bladder spasms and not taking bladder drugs at this time. The dr's tryed all the medications to stop my wetting but none ever worked only gave me dry mouth. Thanks for the promt reply