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Stenosis, Fissure, hypertrophy, scoliosis - pain & treatment

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    Stenosis, Fissure, hypertrophy, scoliosis - pain & treatment

    I’ve hesitated to post, as my medical challenges are minor compared to others I’ve read. However, the knowledge base could provide the information I’m looking for.

    My primary problems are mobility and pain. I’m taking 2700 Gabapentin/day and four 5/500 Vicodin in addition to Advil or other NSAIDs.

    Recent treatment history. MRI on a Monday, cortisone and coddle treatment the following Wednesday and another time within three weeks. Pain doc wants to cauterize the nerves next. Nobody has talked to me about the problem, only dealing with the pain. I’m wondering if there are other ways to treat the problem. Worried that masking the pain will only make it worse, as I know I feel pain for a reason.

    My MRI results include
    L1-2 : Mild, broad based bulge. Mild facet hypertrophy.
    L2-3: Circumferential broad based bulge, larger left paracentral disc component. Moderate facet hypertrophy, fluid in facet joints. Bilateral neural foraminal stenosis.
    L3-4: Small circumferential broad based bulge. Severe facet hypertrophy. Bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. Thickening of ligamentum flavum, central canal stenosis.
    L4-5: Mild broad based bulge. Moderate facet hypertrophy, mild thickening of ligamentum flavum. Bilateral neural foraminal stenosis, mild central canal narrowing.
    L5-S1: Mild central disc bulge, annual fissure.
    Scoliosis - mom had Harrington rods, sister and daughter had to wear body brace throughout teen years. I believe my S curve is 27 degrees.

    Please let me know your opinion of the treatment thus far. I need some assurance I’m doing everything I can to prevent additional problems.

    Thank you all - you’re an inspiration to me.

    Cindy, don't feel strange about posting here, there are people with all levels and kinds of SCI at CareCure, and certainly your MRI findings suggest that you are indeed a part of this community.

    I don't have the medical expertise to comment on your MRI report, but I suspect that cauterizing the nerves would be a procedure of last resort - hopefully a nurse and/or Dr. Young will be able to address your concerns. Welcome to the forum.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions