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Friend just diganosed with TM but now they are saying spinal cord stroke

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    I had a spinal cord stroke. C2-T2 infarction. Cause unknown. 28 and healthy. Sounds like I was about the same as your friend… no movement except for right arm. I have my issues, but I recovered a lot. I walk well and need no assistance. I wish your friend all the best.


      Back with good news!

      I have some good news! He moved his right knee 5 inches last Sat am during PT. He was having a rough morning emotionally and just took all his frustration out during PT but he was given an exam yesterday and was moved to a C! This is wonderful news, great progress given that he's only been in the spinal care unit for a week. So, now since he's a "C" he can use the locomotor and other machines...I read a piece Dr. Wise wrote on ASIA scale and it sounds like because he was given such high doses of steroids so soon after infarct he has good chances of recovery. Today is finally a good day!


        Lucky dog...I just read some of your posts. I can't believe you are running 5 miles a day! Any insight on your progress ( although I know everyone is different) would be helpful...and would give us some hope. Were you in a spinal care unit? When did you start to recover...any insight would be SO helpful. My friend is putting 150% into recovery, but is still paralyzed chest's been 2 weeks. As his doctors keep reminding him recovery is measured in years not days or months, but the 'not knowing when' is hard....


          That is good progress, Sarahale! It's a long road, but this is a very positive development.
          MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions