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Bacterial triggers for MS, CFS, and other autoimmune disease

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    Bacterial triggers for MS, CFS, and other autoimmune disease

    Autoimmunity in a New Vein?

    by Pamela Weintraub


    When renowned pathologist Luther E. Lindner found "strange organisms" in human blood and tissue, he was intrigued. Now Lindner along with a Texas-based company called Pathobiotek say a newly discovered, blood-based bacterium may be the long-sought trigger for multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other forms of autoimmune disease.

    Thanks for posting Dr Wise

    Unfortunately, the post is a decade or so old, so the link is now dead.

    I found a new one that works -

    There is also this article on the same topic:

    ''The human microbiome - Me, myself, us

    Looking at human beings as ecosystems that contain many collaborating and competing species could change the practice of medicine''

    To summarise, it says how, more diseases than previously thought, are now looking like they're caused by bacteria, or rather, imbalances in the bacteria that make up gut flora. e.g diabetes, M.S and more.
    The imbalance in gut flora causes changes all over the body, just like losing just one species of animal in an area can disrupt the whole ecosystem.

    Wait until you get to the treatment details! All I can say is, I'm now looking for some good s*t!