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Spina Bifida/sci anyone else (michigan)

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  • Spina Bifida/sci anyone else (michigan)

    hay everyone I have not posted on here much but im going to try more for 2011.

    Im Dj as most of my friends call me but my name is Noah and im 28. I have mild Spina bifida at L4 and have an sci (when i was 4 long story abuse) at L2/3. I wear afo braces and use a wheelchair ( aero z) for long distances or when i just cant strand/walk any longer. But i try to get around with just my braces or my crutches as much as possible because im a stubborn dude lol.

    Im a semi-professional sports photographer and also do business management. do really get to much into wheelchair sports as to i dont like most of them. I would play rugby, i think it looks very fun, but im not a quad so cant even play that

    anyway i know a few peeps on here just wanted to introduce myself more so everyone can know my back ground. I am also gay as well but please dont think just b/c your a guy all gay guys want you, usually they dont anyway... lol

    thanks everyone peace out!