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hand clenching?

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  • hand clenching?

    Hey peeple.

    Has anyone had this happen to them with hands and arms?

    I have noticed I tend to clench my hands hard or bend my wrist around and shrug my shoulders. I have control of it and id doesnt seem like the MS is doing this for me. MY GF will rub my hands to put in some heat and it wil go away.

    The other night I was doing it to the point it really got sore and I had to wake up and could not go to was irritating and felt like my entire arm and hand went to sleep...yo uknow that feeling?...It hurts and I couldn't sleep.

    It feels quite numb as well but I can control it even good enough to write.

    I don't get it lol.

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    You might try sleeping with rolled, white, cotton wascloths inside your hands. It will not keep you from having the clench, but at least it keeps your hand from going as far into a fist.

    My hands are worse sometimes than others, especially at night, and the rolled cloths seem to help.

    Custom hand splints are another option, but for me, my hands seem to fight against those more than the washcloths or even nothing.


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      Thank yo ufo rthe method you presented. I will try that tonight and it may work fo rme too. My knuckles are sore from doing this quite irritating I "pop" my wrist too lol.

      I have a glove that is quite stiff I wear at night, but my hand still gets sore and I dislike the elastic in it rubbing.

      I will try this....thank you very much


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        I sometimes clench my hands into fists at night and wake up with very sore hands. My sister does the same. It's a stress thing and not related to TM.
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          david does this too and I agree stress seems to make it worse.