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    Kati, thank you very much for sharing this information, and for the link to your blog page where you describe it so well. I had completely missed that page, rapt as I was in reading your reviews!

    How awful that you had to learn of your diagnosis from reading a report written years earlier. And then to face additional years of increasing symptoms, and doctors who were hard to convince that you already knew what was wrong...and having to do all your own research and rehab. It makes me shake my head and grit my teeth. I salute you for never giving up, and for urging others on likewise.

    This should certainly be a lesson for people in the diagnostic process...tests for thyroid function ought to be included in all assessments, and redone periodically throughout life. Thank you again for discussing this and sharing what happened to you, and for your spirit which keeps searching for better ways to cope and live fully!
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


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      well Im no doctor, but I do have issues with my cervical vertebrae at c-4,compression from injury, as well degeneration. I have what you call Hoffman's signs. if you face your palms up, the ring fingers twitch and curl involuntarily toward the palm. that is what prompted cervical films, and an evoked potential test for me to comfirm an injury that did not show up on the first ex rays.