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OK Is there anyone that could advise me on AFO information, if you can and would...

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    I have complete foot drop with one foot and partial with the other. I think a kafo or mafo would work very well for you. most insurance will pay for one set. medicare will pay for one set a year if needed, but must be pre approved. I have the aweful burn with stumulation as part of cauda equina sindrome, though the burn is beginning to travel up my body now. I live in my braces all the time I am up, though must somestimes take them off a while due to spasms.


      Dr. Wise,

      I so sorry you had to look all over for my original post, I believe it was combined with another I posted about AFO's. Thanks for your time and response. I realize you have many more people who are much more injured than myself who need your time and responses.

      I guess I just have to stop asking the $64,000 question about regaining motor function. I realize no one can answer that question. I suppose thats its a natural reaction to a permanent injury. It is what it is. I am grateful that i can walk albeit with its own set of problems. I dont at this point foresee that the function in my legs will ever get to the point that I can walk normally or run etc. I just have to learn to accept that, I am starting to come around to that. I can just about fake a normal walk outside of my house for about 15 seconds, until people start to look at me

      The reason I mentioned the MVA that I had when I was 21 was because I think that was the moment in time that was the beginning of this injury and as the years passed degeneration occurred and hence the injury. I just had a big head start. There should be no other reason that one day I was running across manhattan and what seemed like the next day (really a couple of months) I could barely walk, sometimes stand up. I sustained an injury to my head and neck when i was 21 and then at 46 was the manifestation of whatever damage was done earlier and just progressed.

      But alas my posture and gait has improved through continued PT and I say grateful to walk. I will find a way to live life just differently thats all i guess.

      Again thanks for your response and again im sorry you searched so long for the post.



        thanks again for your response jody, it was helpful