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    Hi Katilea I thought I had problems but you do seem to be going through the mill. I use to be a engineer working and selling disability products then I lost the movement in my legs and now I use these products myself. I receintly bought on ebay a Sunrise medical Quickie Groove M powerchair for use in my home this turned out to be a fantastic machine all I paid for it was £675 and it will lift and recline and has lasrge batterys (73ah) it was only 2 years old I took a gamble but it paid off if you know what you are looking at, such deals are posible. I would not be able to afford the prices that some of these firms charge it strickes me that when you are disabled it does seem that you become a victum to firms that love to rip us off. I try to keep myself as fit as I can and still take on heavy work on the wheelchairs that I build it is great fun if and when I can do it. My wife is fed up with all the bits and peices arround our small bunglow but still bless her she lets carry on. I gave the thought of use it or loose it a lot of thinking and decided not to leave it too long and now I am very glad I got use to using these chairs before I lost my legs completely. all the best Look after your self P



      I saw a quickie groove MWD on ebay recently. I'm not sure about regular MWD cos of size of front and rear castors and needing it to get around the park too.

      After an hectic 2 weeks with two injuries and then my dog been sick in the next village and trying to get her home to get to vets, I decided I need to keep the scooter even if its only for her walks (she be 10 next year). She can then ride on the footplate when the hills get too much for her which she cant do on a powerchair (if I got the X5)

      I have since demoed a Genie standing chair (for indoor use) and absolutely loved it!! It was first time in over 5 years I have been able to stand to do a job (made a cuppa for me and rep!).

      I wasn't sure if was too early for me to get this type of chair but after reading how some peoples standing chairs had helped person increase bone density they had lost it and leg muscle.. I thought surely if start early can prevent it happening in the first place and keep strength in legs for standing transfers at least?

      Due to the funding process taking absolutely ages over here, it would be next year before I got one if they did approve one and if not gives me time to save as remarkably its only £5,900 over here. (they do it in US too for alot cheaper than Permobil, Levo, Balders etc).

      I did a blog if anyone is interested with pics and few short video clips of going sit-to-stand and making tea! (the guy had flip camcorder sideways... dunno why.. lol!)

      If you're interested in one here are their sites for more info

      US site: (has best videos!)

      UK site:
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        Wow, that chair looks great. I love your informative, and your videos are wonderful. I hope that you can get that chair, it sounds just about ideal, and as you say, its cost is surprisingly reasonable (compared to competitors).
        MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


          Thank you. I was a bit sceptical thinking at that price it can't be that good but after reading about lady with MS who got her PCT to fund one for her and the benefits she has had from it, I decided I should at least take a look at one as all the other standing chairs are over £10,000 and way out of my budget.

          I was gonna spend about £6,000 anyway on one with seat riser and recline for around house but I think I will get more long-term health benefits from this one.

          Just waiting for patient advocacy service to email me back with details on who to contact and how to go about (maybe forms too to fill in and medical assessment probably, letters from Neuro etc) I'm sure it will be a long slow process even if I do eventually get a yes!! If they gave me NHS vouchers for at least half the cost it would help.

          Do these things take so long in US?



            Originally posted by Katilea View Post
            Do these things take so long in US?
            Yes!! We have such a ridiculously hierarchical, tiered health care system that wait times vary, but for my pay grade and insurance coverage it can take many months for the paperwork to go through committees and inevitable post-denial appeals. It's a smoother process if a person has Medicare, I believe (at 60, I'm a few years too young to qualify ). But it's still a major headache.
            MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions