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My experience with Ampyra

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    I am so sorry. I was hoping for good news as I am sure you were too. I don't understand why it helps some and not others. Another medical mystery I guess.


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      I don't know if this is typical or not - I have a 15 year old T-6 incomplete SCI.
      I've been on Ampyra for nearly 3 months. After reading some posts I expected some sort of miracle in the first 24 hours - didn't happen for me. But I have had a lot of nerve pain on Ampyra (never had that before) that seems to foreshadow some kind of return of function. For the first time I can "suck in" (for lack of a better term) my lower abs and I've recently been getting a lot of pain and spasticity on my right (weaker) side so I'm hoping that means I'll start getting some return there, too!
      I would encourage anyone to try this!


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        Thanks for the postings, I am hoping to start the compounded version soon. My Dr wants new MRI's 1st. Goat re: no rx coverage I think I seen posted the drug company may be offering assistance or compounding may be an option for you too, Skip's is supposed to be around 120-140 for 3 months.

        I know I am excited to try this med, I hope you can continue! Great to hear all the postings encouraging to try the med, very positive.
        Best Regards,