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Fish Oil, Aspirin, Triple ByPass, MS....

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  • Fish Oil, Aspirin, Triple ByPass, MS....

    Wow, not sure what to do about this. I have an opportunity to be involved in a study...a "proof of conecpt"...of a therapy for mitigating the disabling characteristics of SPMS. Its not a cure, but, there is a verifiable case of somone going from wheel chair bound to riding a bike to work using this therapy. My own MS doc was involved in moniitoring the case, although he still has no explanation for what happened or why.

    The therapy involves exercise, electro stim, supplements, and diet. The logistics of the whole thing might make it difficult for me to participate, but the one real stumbling block at this point is Aspirin.

    I had triple bypass back in 2000. Ever since, I've taken 325mg aspirin once a day. The study would replace this with Fish Oil. I haven't discussed this with my cardiologist yet, but....any comments?

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    Just wondering if you were able to be included in the study and if is it going?


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      Sprry took so long to respond. Stuff gappens.

      No...I didn't sign up for the study. Talked it over with ny MS doc and he pointed out that the doctor who came up with the "cure" spends about 8-10 hours a day on her treatment. Way more time than I could manage...

      Did discuss it also with my heart oil is questionable. We also talked about the Italian doctor who "cures" MS with stents in the cartiod arteries. He said he wouldn't hurt to checl mine blockage at all. 2000mg of Niacin a day avtually seems to help.


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        Thanks for the update. Glad there was no blockage, I have been studying that theory alot lately but there is so many pros and cons its all confusing. Such is MS....


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          According to the cardiologist, the literature he has read regarding the "Italian" operation makes it clear that all patients this procedure "cured" had significant cartiod artery blockage. The blockage is easily seen using ultrasound. The test can be done on an outpatient pain...only takes about an hour. Worth a try...


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            Anyone any comments on essential fatty acids from flax? Same stuff as in fish oils, but includes -3, -6 and -9 acids.
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