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    I started 4-AP the end of December got up to 10mg 3x a day but had to go back down to 2 caps because I couldn't take the nighttime dose after 6pm and expect to sleep even using Ambien. It caused me to be hyper and even caused my teeth to vibrate! The compounding pharmacist I use said 10mg twice a day was enough.....but.....the bigger problems I experienced from my very first dose was more numbness and heavy feeling in my feet/legs each morning the numbness moved further up my body. Spasticity and rigidity was much more pronounced from day one. Severe pain where I have alot of damage, narrowing, or demyliation (sp). An intense urge to pee which went away after a couple weeks. I gave th 4-AP almost 3 months and I had little improvement to warrant its use so I am tapering off now.

    I started LDN the end of January and noticed improvement in abilities so it has been worth it. Very vivid dreams but luckily they aren't nightmares! lol. More stiff in the a.m. and stomach was bothering me but that is better too now. Has anyone used both drugs? How has the experience been?
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