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  • ms baclofen pump spinal stenosis

    my father has ms he recently had a intrathecal baclofen pump installed to help with the leg pain he was experincing. He did a test period of the liquid baclofen into his back before the pump was installed. Everything went fine after he had the catheter installed he was having more leg pain than before. We recently had him to the hospital and found out that he has spinal stenosis (constriction of the spinal chord) which chokes of the nerves to his legs. He gets mri's done every year for the past 7 yrs. Is this something that the doctors should have seen before the catheter was installed. The catheter goes right through the area of spinal stenosis, the neurosurgeons did a lapendecomy (i don't know if the spelling is correct) where they shave the area around the spinal chord so the spinal chord can be relieved of pressure which they said that would releive the spinal stenosis. The neurosurgeons said that the catheter going right through the area of spinal stenosis could have irratated the nerves even more than the spinal stenosis. They described it as your spinal chord is a conduit packed with wires, and with the spinal stenosis choking the chord already, the cathether was jammed through the conduit without any space being available. Once again is this something that could have been prevented. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.

    God be with you...

    a concerned son of a loving father.