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    I'm sorry you have been struggling so much.

    While the morphine/opiod medicines can be helpful for neuropathic pain (which it sounds like you have....), there are different medicines that you can use at the same time and may also help. Usually they are tried even before morphine. Have you been tried on neurontin or lyrica yet? Have you tried increasing your dose of nortriptyline to the maximum tolerated dose for you (i.e. the dose that doesn't make you so sleepy/constipated/dry mouth that you are uncomfortable)? I would start with those two possibilities. There are other neuropathic pain medicines to try if those don't help. Your pain doctor should know about them.

    good luck, and hang in there...


      to hlh

      Thank you so much for your input. I am on neurontin 1200 mgs per day. didn't like the lyrica...took the max of 3 nortriptyline and was having horrible "in color" went back down to 2. I was just curious as to what other pain meds people were taking...


        You are still on a very low dose of neurontin. Have you tried higher? How are you dividing it per day?

        My dad takes 800mg 4x per day (3200 per day). 4x a day is kind of inconvenient, but probably covers you the best (with each meal and before bed) but most people take it divided 3x per day. Lyrica is also very popular. I would make sure you titrate up to the maximum dose that is causing you relief, but not side effects.

        Yes, the dreams.... I've heard of that with desipramine (sister medicine to amitriptyline/nortriptyline) but not nortriptyline. For some people, if you take the nortriptyline in the morning, instead of at night, and you wont get the dreams. But if you get too sleepy during the day because of it, that's a problem. Another option would be trying the desipramine instead of nortriptyline, but taking it in the morning. It tends to be less sedating. But if you need it to help you sleep..... maybe a higher dose of neurontin at night may also do the trick.

        If you need more/these are not helpful enough, I would start to think about cymbalta. This would be particularly useful if you have any mood changes/depression in the midst of all of this as it can be effective for neuropathic pain and depression. And you would only be normal if you did! Other options are trying other anti-epileptics (which we have discovered can sometimes help with neuropathic pain) - topomax probably has the best evidence (but can make you dopey/cognitively slow.... but not everyone and women often love it because sometimes they lose weight), although tegretol and keppra are sometimes used. Valproic acid/depakote can sometimes be effective (more for migraines then nerve pain typically), but it makes you hairy and fat and most young women don't like that.....


          thank you so much for all this info...i will look into all of it