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    Hi, I am just joining this site. It is so nice to see that I am not alone. Was dx in August 08 with transverse myelitis, syringomyelia and tested positive for O bands associated with MS, although not diagnosed with it. Have gone thru soo many tests and now it seems I am racked in pain except for neck and head, everything hurts. Mostly arms/hands and legs/feet. My left foot has begun to swell some days and I notice on those days I have to just sit. Anyone else have this type swelling? I am also still trying to work full time. Heading to Johns Hopkins in May but would love to know about this swelling. Thanks so much for your attention and wishing everyone pain free days!

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    Hi I have TM for 8 years now.....i never had swelling but do have pain i went to John Hopkins once. Any questions just ask.

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      Hi and welcome to CCC! Glad you found us, but sorry you had a reason to seek us out. Lots of good advice here.


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        Hi Liz, are you from NC? I live in Charlotte. I have possible MS too, but have not yet been diagnosed. I had a demylenating brain stem lesion diagnosed in early '07. Six months later, I had an SCI at T8-9 caused by a calcium deposit break at that level (d/t severe osteoarthritis in my spinal column).

        Glad you found this site. There's a wealth of info. here!
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          I am not familiar with swelling in MS patients, but my first thought is to have your sodium levels checked by yoru PCP. YOu might simply be retaining too much water. Often when we are dx with these serious conditions, we forget that simply, everyday things can also occur. I hate to admit it, but our doc's also sometimes forget. Best of luck, and I sure hope it is nothing serious.