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Teen Paralyzed After Getting H1N1 Vaccination

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  • Teen Paralyzed After Getting H1N1 Vaccination

    Has anyone else out there heard of this?? It's a little unsettling to hear the H1N1 vaccine was put under a terrorisim bill??

    It's in my neck of the woods, so I'll try to contact the parents this evening (Sat 6 March) to offer whatever help I can. I don't know if the parents have a computer or not (this is a pretty backwoods area "It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here")

    My SCI is traumatic type, and I would appreciate any advice from those here with a more similar condition as far as care and what to watch out for next.

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    Here they told us that before they gave people the shot, they said some could get neurological condition like guillian barre and other things. Since we don't use the term transverse myelitis here, they didn't mention that.
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      There is a woman that lives here in my town that a few years back had the same thing happen to her after she got a flu shot, not H1N1 of course but that is why I do not get the flu shot. Yes the odds are that it would not happen to me but not willing to take the risk and lose any part of what I have... Things are bad enough as they are. The government loves to push things on people and take no responsibility I am not surprised it was lumped in under the terrorism bill...


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        Again, I'm not a big fan of immunizations, but drowning in phlegm from H1N1 is far more probable than contracting paralysis. We beat this topic to death during the fall outbreak of H1N1. A search of CareCure will probably answer every single question you have.


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          Thanks for the responses. I read most of the posts having to do with TM to inform myself, just didn't know how similar, or not, it was to a traumatic SCI.

          The parents were pretty shaken still. I told them that they had a steep learning curve ahead of them, now they're just starting to figure out how to modify the house to get him home. They told me that plans are for him to rehab at Kennedy-Kreeger.


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            The paramedic that e-vac'd me to Edmonton when I was injured just died of H1N1 a week or so ago.


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              That's crappy NQ


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                H1N1 surprise

                I just heard this lastnight at our son-in-law's birthday party...that the couple that bought out our accountant's business...the H1N1 twice. She got so ill they sent her to Mayo in Minnesota for weeks then after recovering she experienced it again and just got out of the U of I Hospital after2 1/2 week then would only send her home with a nurse. I thought you couldn't have it twice due to the antibodies.
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