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Cervical Spondolytic Myelopathy

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    Cervical Spondolytic Myelopathy

    I just had ACDF for cervical myelopathy done 5 weeks ago. C5/6 7/8. For the first 2 weeks after the surgery I was able to walk without what seemed any problems with my gait. almost exactly 2 weeks after the surgery my gait became stiff and rigid again mostly with trying to walk more than 1 block or 5 or 10 minutes onn the treadmill at PT. Im getting PT to strenghthen my back and lower extrems.

    The problem is I also have a T7/8 herniation will mild cord compression and now my neurosurgeon is not sure if that is causing myelopathy as well. I like I said still have problem with walking although not as bad as pre-op and burning in my foot which i also had pre-op. I am supposed to have a thoracic epidural.

    Im becoming more and more concerned about this T7/8 disc because of my gait. PT seems to be increasing radicular pain on right side. It is right paracentral herniation I believe. Also PT for lower extrems seems to be making my legs worse.

    I am 48 and this started when I was 46, workers comp. These problems were never symptomatic before.

    My question I guess is can a thoracic herniation such as mine be a consequential injury from the cervical area, due to so many months of prolonged postural changes and gait problems? At one time before the surgery I could barely walk, but stabilized somewhat. The thoracic injury seems to me to be a complication from the cervical area.

    Im pretty upset a bout this thoracic problem and hope it does not turn into a huge problem.