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Has someone become paralyzed from MS?

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  • Has someone become paralyzed from MS?

    Is there anyone out there that has become paralyzed by MS and is willing to share how it came on. Slow/fast? One attack/slow numbness over weeks? etc.

    I have degenerative disc disease, herniated/bulging discs in my c-spine and elsewhere, mild strenosis etc. and I have had MS for 14 years etc. If anyone is willing to share their experience I would appreciate it. Snuz
    "What has happened, has happened; What I am going through, I shall rise above; And what will come, I will meet with courage"~Hazrat Inayat Kahn

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    I know the treatment of MS has came really far.My birth mom did become paralyzed quickly but only because she refused meds,therapy,appropriate care.She was mentally ill too & just gave up(even me after I was born,to family)Of course,no one is gauranteed anything but I have seen quite a few people with the disease going strong(so to speak) for years.I know this doesn't quite answer your question but best wishes.


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      Your post really caught my attention. I joined this site because my husband David has MS and paralysis was the only thing I knew to compare it with. He had one episode July 2005 which involved his right arm/hand going numb and weak. We went to the dr. and they weren't sure what was wrong. He had broken his back T10-11-12 in 2000, had it fused and everything was fine. We thought the july 2005 episode was something to do with that. But they couldn't find anything. Then October 2005 he started having really bad stomach cramps. Again we went to the dr. thinking appendics/gallbladder something like that. The first time we went they said his potassium level was low. Gave him a pill, and sent him home. Then days later he started having trouble walking. Thought it was from the stomach pains. Went to er again. This time they say he's dehydrated. Gave him an IV w/fluids, sent him home again. Few days later, pain is soo bad, can't hardly walk, legs are numb, feel heavy. Shower feels like pins and needles. Very bad stomach pains. Went to er again, this time I threw one major fit. We had seen the same er dr. each visit (3 times in one week) This time I told him he better get someone else in there or I was going to wrap a chair around his neck. He told me to calm down or he would call security, I told him to call because he was going to need them. Anyway, off my story...they got to running some tests and found out that his bowels had shut down, quit working totally. The explained the stomach cramps, they admitted him, ran several other tests and found that his brain was nothing but a big lesion. Said it was ms, he would get better but need to start beteseron now. Done that and 7 days later he could not see, walk, talk, eat, breath, control bowels, bladder, move his legs at all, move his left arm at all, his right arm kept thrashing around uncontrollably. They inserted a pic line for food and meds. I had him transferred to St. Louis, Barnes Hospital on the 7th day there. They ran several other tests including a brain biopsy. All came back as the only conclusion was MS. They performed plasma pherisis, and that helped David wake back up and start talking, although very slurred. Long story short, that was in 2005, today he is still in a wheelchair, has been since 10-31-05 (anniversary coming soon!) he is able to eat, breath, move his right leg and arm, vision is touch and go every day is different, bowels are moving just uncontrolled and unable to tell when until after the fact, bladder is controlled by supra pubic cath, left arm/hand is able to move just very spastic, left leg will move sometimes but not very much, we just had surgery on his left foot 9-14-09 because it was so spastic it had turned inwards and on its side, pressure sores kept developing so they put a rod in through his heel up into his leg and several screws into his foot to keep it straight. He is very much alive and back to his normal joking self, just unable to do alot of things he used to do for his self. He has gotten alot back since 2005 but has a long way to go. Further note: when we went back for check up in 2006, mri showed absolutely no lesions, no scarring. And every year since no flare ups, no lesions, his brain pictures look completely normal. I am sorry I have rattled on but I have seen your posts and know how scared you are. I truly hope and pray that you do not let this disease worry you so much that it wins... stay strong, keep positive and keep fighting.


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        My mother was dx with MS in 1981. She has primary progressive MS (PPMS) which is the most common type diagnosed in middle age. She was working as a school nurse at the time of her diagnosis. She is now 81 years old and has only partial use of one hand. She has several caregivers, transfers with a ceiling track lift or mobile lift only, and uses a power wheelchair full time. She cannot turn herself or do any of her own self care other than feed herself after set up. She uses a computer with modifications. As a person with PPMS she has never been a candidate for any of the disease modifying medications (the CRABs, Tysabri, etc.).

        The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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          I am a odd ball. I was diegnosed with M.S. In mid 90's after general practice Doc. treated me for limes for 2 years.

          My right hand and forarm was parolized.
          Both my legs wouldn't straighten out more than 90 deg.
          I talked like a drunk and if got upset it was worce.

          Both my kids were very active in sports. It killed me not to play with them. I started reseaching M.S.
          I would cry myself to sleep yelling at my hand to move and squeeze a ball.

          I found out a low sat fat, high protien diet helped. I also suplemented with creatine. People with M.S. have a low creatine level.
          Also extersize. reason = you build your muscles you increase the your motonurons(controls muscle contractions). Result= an attack isn't as notisable.

          A few years after doing this I was 2002 Light Weight 100% Natural Bodybuilding Champ for Midwest and for WI. Doctors couldn't even tell I had M.S. Yes that avitar is a pic of me in 2002.
          Since then my left arm went threw a paper rewinder and I found out I have a bone sist in right arm, pulling me from lifting weights.
          Now 7 years later I injured my back -2 hurneated disks in low back.
          Found out I to have bone degeneration in low back, Arthrites in low back.
          Now with this and my cognitive functions come and go. (memory loss and lose periods in time) I am in a wheel chair for like shopping and any time I would normaly on my feet for a long time.

          At 43 years old just the other day I forgot how to spell the word "at".

          My physical problems alone didn't make me disabled but with my cognetive functions problem they did put me on because of the on and off of memory and chance of forgetting - how to get to work, even getting up and going, what my job functions are things like that.
          This summer we were on our way home from a car show just 5 miles from home, I was driveing following my daughter and my daughter lost me in traffic on the HWY. I started crying because I didn't know were I was. I took a off ramp and back tracked and turned out ran into my other club member and followed him. I went 7 miles past my off ramp.
          Needless to say I only drive with some one else with me now, and thats only if I have to. What hurts the most is I have been a car nut and customizer of auto's all my life and presantly have one of the most modified privetly owned 08 Dodge Avenger R/T's in the world and I love doing car shows with it but now I can't even drive it.

          O an also my M.S. has made me very emotional. I get choked up and cry at the simples emotional thing. Not just watching "Old Yeller" lol
          But also I have to keep a leash on my temper. If I don't watch it I blow up very easy and if bad enough want to get pysical. NOT GOOD. Upper body is still strong lol.
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          I'm a WNBF Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder with national sponsors. Any questions feel free to ask.


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            Still wondering what to do

            Thanks everyone that responded. I am still getting worse...hands aren't functioning well...numb from the chest front and inside of legs feel weird like the artery or something is being strangled...especially the left leg right about the hip socket. Thoracic area T1,2,3, area where the severe degeneration is hurts bad lately. When I am laying down with head on my pillow my body goes more numb...dead numb. Happens when I lay back in my recliner. My left leg goes completely dead numb and the right leg goes more numb. Worse each day.

            I saw my optometrist this morning and my eyes are as healthy as anyone without optic neuritis everything is good! Yeah! I've only had 1 or 2 small lesions in my brain in 14 years. Mine has been in my spinal cord.

            I haven't taken shots for 5 years. I just take baclofen and gabapentin for rigid muscles and nerve pain. And Hydrocodone for pain. I saw my neurologists P.A. 2 weeks ago when this all started causing alot of pain...we did a C-spine MRI which showed lesions (no new stuff at all), herniations, disc degeneration that has worsened since my last MRI and goes down through T4 (They always do the C-spine down through T4) and some other stuff...bone spurs, donor bone at C5 to repair a herniation then the disc above and below the donor bone blew. etc. I've got a neck like a train wreck!

            At about my waist or alittle lower my spine is really painful to the touch and that is where the severe numbing started in the saddle area then down my legs. My D.O. thought cauda equina a few months ago abut no. And my bladder etc. is still working although differently by the day. Anyway, I'm sorry to ramble but I always do that when I'm scared and stressed. Thanks you guys for letting me talk.
            "What has happened, has happened; What I am going through, I shall rise above; And what will come, I will meet with courage"~Hazrat Inayat Kahn