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When signs Arachnoiditis Present

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  • When signs Arachnoiditis Present

    Hello. I posted here week ago or so. It's a long post attached to someone elses thread. No response yet, so figure create a shorter version of what I wrote with hope that someone might have an answer or two.

    I have had three lumbar surgeries and two cervical surgeris ('98-'01). I was on fentanyl for four years for massive cervigenocal headaches related to cervical fusion surgery. Enter detox '07. Severe withdrawl leading to injury: I kicked the wall at full force over and over for who knows how long. Leave detox a mess.

    I had all ready had neuro pain and neuro problems like legs and arms go into paralysis mood. But my symptoms were worsening. Jan '09 a spinal tap imaging performed. A water based dye "I" something 300 is injected for the imaging. The neuro order it to see if I have Arachnoiditis. The report reads "no clummping" of nerve roots in lumbar. So I'm told don't have Arach. Six weeks later, I awake with these terrible electrical spasms in my legs and feet. Feels like burning tiny waves of voltage stinging me.

    My feet burn terrible now, especially in the heels. The burning and stinging is non stop all day and night. I take Amitripylene for sleep. I take Neuro for the pain and stinging though I think Lyrica was working better before switched over to Neuro due to weight gain and other side effects.

    Question: It seems to me that the very test I had to check for Arach is the very thing that caused Arach. Or, as some folk have told me, just because no clummping doesn't mean I don't have Arach.

    I don't know. Any thoughts?

    BTY, any thought on why end up with massive cervigenocal headaches after double fusion surgery?

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    pardon my cluelessness, but what is arachonoiditis?