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  • TM Possible Relapse??


    I was Diagnosed with TM in January of 08. I was experiencing complete temporary loss of feeling in the tops of my legs, upper torso, tongue, earlobes bottom part of my jaw, ans eventually complete loss of feeling and mobility in both hands.

    as scary as this was throwing me into a panic attack and making it worse, it happened a few times while driving. Then the urinary dysfunction, Extreme Fatigue, blurry vision, weakness, migraine's and other common symptoms.

    I was told on June 22nd / 08 (my 25th birthday of all days) that it was MS which was proven just to be TM 6 months later.

    The Neurologist I saw, did nothing, gave me no treatment and just told me "I'd get better" I also had to force him to write down the condition so i could research it. He said he did not want to worry me and was refusing to write it down... WTF?

    It is now May 09, over a year since I had the diagnosis, up until now the symptoms had subsided all except for the urinary dysfunction, Migraines, extreme back pain and what appears to be decreased feeling in my right leg.

    For the last week I feel Ill, I have some symptoms coming back again Extreme fatigue (I slept from 11pm to 3:00pm the next day and was still tired) and recently i have had another rising of migraine's on the right side of my head behind my right eye, always the same spot. My back is becoming more tender to the point my wife cannot one finger poke me with out causing extreme pain, she's a masseuse and I can't even sit for a massage. My lower back has become more painful and it "gives out" from time to time as well I've found the numbness beginning to return to my right arm, as well as some parts of my cheek or lip. I'm forgetting "little" things more and more and the more tired I feel the less I can function, as well i've become more depressed and sometimes I want to cry for no reason.. Like now for instance.

    I'm worried that It may be a relapse, and If so should I bother to see that awful neurologist or maybe even request a second opinion. I'm asking because there are a lot of us that have gone through this and are going through this... I would just like some input and some re-assurance.

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    Fire his butt. Find another neurologist (check with the MS Society in your area for a referral) and then ask them to request all your records and test results from the first physician (there should be no charge for this). Keep looking until you find a physician who will listen to you, talk to you, and include you as a partner in this journey. You need it, and you deserve it.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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      I didn't get a good feeling from him from the first time I saw him. he just sent me for a Brain MRI. and that was the end of the investigation on his part. I have lesions on the mylien in my C-Spine and am in sever pain all the time. I'm suprised that he did nothing. i'll contact the MS society tomorrow.


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        Today I finally got in contact with someone at the MS Clinic. They forwarded me back to my GP. I ran by my clinic and saw my GP after work. Findings..

        Reduced sensation in R side.
        Increased Lower Back Pain
        Hyper Reflexes in Knees
        Reduced sensation in areas of my face

        Result : Referral to the MS Clinic and Dept of Neurology for an Immediate MRI and recommendation for a new study on MS. She thinks that My Case of TM could Aid them in their study. I am now alarmed that this could be developing into MS.