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I feel like im going crazy.

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    I feel like im going crazy.

    I live in Alberta, Canada so the winters are cold. In December 2008 I started noticing some wierd..."symptoms", although I did not recognize them to be that at the time.

    The first things I noticed was a numbness in my right foot. I have always had poor circulation so I just figured that it was my normal reaction to a cold winter day, but the feeling never fully returned. I play lots of recreational and competitive soccer so I paid fairly close attention to my right foot at this point.

    I started to notice a weakening or slowing of my right leg, I could no longer do the things I had been able to do before, dribbling soccer ball became more and more difficult. I kept telling myself that it was in my head because when I took a free kick, and had time to set up the ball and take my time, then my shot or pass was still very accurate.

    I keep feeling...not myself, I guess a 'little off' would be the best way to describe it. I am usually a very active person, participating in a wide variety of sports but recently it has become more of a chore to keep up the pace. I find myself starting out strongly but then tapering off as the games go on.

    About 2 months ago I noticed a strange sensation that felt sort of like someone was wrapping their hand around the back of my leg, just below my calf muscle. It was not a tight grip, just a wrap around feeling. In the two months since that started it seems as if the affected area has increased in size by about 50%.

    3 1/2 weeks ago I suddenly had what I guess would be considered tunnel vision. I was running around with some friends playing a pickup game of soccer when I suddenly could not see anything in the lower half of my field of vision. My eyes felt like they were swimming a bit. I went and sat down for about 20 minutes. Two times I tried to re-enter the game, the 2nd time i believe i felt a little bit better but quickly decided to end my day and went and sat on the bench in a frustrated heap.

    2 weeks ago i suddenly felt better. ALMOST completely better, I couldnt believe it...i ran around, played soccer, scored 5 goals in a playoff game, i thought i was back to my old self. But then about 5 days later the symptoms returned...with some new friends.

    Last week I came home from kicking the soccer ball around (not playing, just taking some free kicks to warm up for the upcoming outdoor season). When I got home I took my shoes off and sat down to watch some TV. I noticed that something felt wrong with my left foot, I pulled my sock off and stared at my big toe as my brain told it to raise up off the ground, but it barely even twitched. My big toe on my left foot was fine, I could still raise it up so that the end of it pointed straight up at the ceiling. Yesterday I tried playing soccer in a scrimmage game, and i felt much much slower after playing for about 15 minutes.

    I feel like I have to think about walking sometimes. I just had my first son, and i worry when I am carrying him around cause i feel like i might trip sometimes.

    Cognitively i have noticed some things too. I have a problem with word recall at the weirdest times and with the weirdest things. Sometimes I will ask my wife if she knows where the phone book is and it goes something like this:

    "hey 'A', do you know where you last saw seconds) book?"

    This is frequent enough to be noticeable. Sometimes when I am talking there is just this weird gap and I cant thing of the next part of what im saying is...and then i start right up as if there was never a pause.

    Since December i have taken a Lot of blood tests. Had xrays done. Gotten shots in my blood of some fluid that makes my veins show up on some long scan i had done, and gotten shots and given urine samples. And so far nothing....every couple weeks I make a doctors appnt, go in and list off my new symptoms, they write them down, and then i leave.

    I am starting to feel crazy. Sometimes when I work it is just overwhelming cause im so tired. I stay up with our baby for a bit during the night but at around 2pm i go to bed and my wife takes over. Then i can easily sleep till 1pm (i wear earplugs)...and still wake up tired. I dont really feel...sleepy, just tired. (weird)

    Also, as I looked back I noticed that sometime in the last year I believe that my wrists have weakened as i find it much more difficult to open jars than i used to.

    Also, my limbs "fall asleep" quite frequently now when I am sleeping. Any explanations?

    Its hard because a lot of my "symptoms" i feel like i can easily explain away "i slipped because its winter, and you slip in winter time", "i cant remember words because I am just distracted", "my foot feels numb because i have callouses..or its cold" etc.. and that is what i have been doing a lot of.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS would be helpful. My doctor says that i have one more blood test result to get back and then the Neurologist will see me. Does this sound like a neurological problem? What else could it be?

    PS. my kid is SUPER CUTE!!!


    Otherwise, you've just had a young child? Could it be stress - it can play havoc with your health? You live in the busiest province!?
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      Have you been tested for Multiple Sclerosis? An MRI brain scan can give you an answer. The symptoms can come and go for years, in fact it typically takes years for a proper diagnosis. Symptoms are usually worse in hot weather or after a sauna or hot soak in the tub.
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        Get the MRI and see the neurologist now. Your symptoms are fairly classic for MS, but a diagnosis is not that simple, nor can it be done on the internet.

        The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


          thanks...the beauty if Canadian health care is that it doesnt cost me anything (unless you start factoring the tremendous amount of money i give to the government in the form of taxes that are quite high). The DOWN side is that it takes forever to see a specialist. I wish i could have seen the Neuro. about 3 months ago. Today feels like a pretty good day..all of a sudden i have probably about 80% of the movement back in my right foot.

          my son was born 3 weeks i dont think he had much to do with the things that started in december.

          Our family doctor says that the Neuro. wont agree to see me until after the latest blood tests come back (i have heard that quite a few times already)


            Many women get their first symptoms for MS when they are pregnant. Here they diagnose with help of MRI, they look for plague in the brain, and then with a spinal tap and if the spinal liquid is showing sclerosis then they get the diagnosis and can get medication to try to stop it.

            PS. Don't worry, we have to wait two years in queue to get an appointment with a neurlogist here I live in Oslo, Norway
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              Stresses (even though they are "good" stresses such as anticipating the birth of a child) can exacerbate the symptoms. They are not always an immediate reaction, they can take time to develop to a noticeably annoying level. Sometimes the symptoms appear out of nowhere, and stick around for a while, and othr times they develop slowly over time. If it is going to take a while to get in to see a specialist, start making a daily diary of your symptoms and what is going on in your life. Keep track of your levels of physical activity and your mental health status (feelings) and how the symptoms are connected. A pattern may show up. It could be helpful to your diagnosis. Or not. MS is a funny thing. It can make you feel like you are crazy since the symptoms can change so rapidly. Good luck.
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                thanks everyone...I just feel a little crazy sometimes. I mean, today i feel almost 95% better..outta just trying not to get too excited because last time this happened it only lasted about 4 days. I would love to play in a soccer tournament on the it would be pretty cool if the symptoms stayed away for at least that long haha.


                  I know exercise is a good thing, but are you sure playing soccer before you find out what's going on is a good thing? Seems to me (strickly my opinion, of course) it mght be dangerous if something happend & you were on a field full of men running & kicking around you & you couldn't get away from it in time. Just concerned.


                    I noticed that it's been about three months since you've posted...just wondering how things are going. I'm in that "possible MS" category AND I have an SCI which makes things even more complicated.

                    I hope you're doing better!
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                      Am I correct that 'he' said he asked his wife something? Maybe I'm behind the times, but jobenb sounds like a guy to me. And yes, I'd sure like an update too - hope he's alright!


                        Awesome, i HAVE nevef seen anyine recover like you - kepp us posted


                          Originally posted by jobenb View Post
                          thanks everyone...I just feel a little crazy sometimes. I mean, today i feel almost 95% better..outta just trying not to get too excited because last time this happened it only lasted about 4 days. I would love to play in a soccer tournament on the it would be pretty cool if the symptoms stayed away for at least that long haha.
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                            Jobenb - How's things going? Haven't heard from you for a bit - how's the family? Any news on your condition?