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An adverse reaction to Baclofen?

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    An adverse reaction to Baclofen?

    Hello to all. I am being asked by new neuro to ramp up my baclofen in the following manner.

    Morning noon night
    wk1:10mg 10mg 20mg
    wk2: 20mg 10mg 20mg
    wk3: 20mg 20mg 20mg

    And continue in this manner till I reach 30mg TID. The first night that I took 20mg. I had violent spasms in right leg for 4 hrs. then left for 1 hr. The second night was Left leg for 3 1/2 hr. Eighteen months ago with first neuro. We were ramping up from 5mg every 3 days another 5mg. The morning I took 25mg. As soon as it flushed in I had an MI. Both neuro's say this makes no sense since it's a muscle relaxer. I always check with my Phamacist any time I get a new script or a change in dosages. Here is current med list:

    Gabapentin 100mg TID Allopurinol 100mg BID Baclofen 10mg TID
    Plavix 75mg QD Asprin 81mg QD Cozaar 25mg QD
    Clonidine 0.3mg BID Labetalol 200mg BID Hydralazine 50mg TID
    Minoxidl 5mg BID Avodart 10mg QD Iron 325mg TID
    Lasix 40mg TID Colace 100mg BID Crestor 10mg QD
    Hectorol .05mcg QD Wellbutrin 150mg BID Nascobal 500mcg 1x wk
    Miralax 17g QD Vicoden 5/500 PRN

    I feel like I need to go to their office. Dose up and let them see for themselves. This is very frustrating when a Dr. looks at you like you nuts. I would really like to her from any of the pros here. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Have you seen your vascular doctor or are you followed by a good primary care doc? I'd run all those meds including the aspirin, if it was added in rehab, past whoever is seeing you for the heart stuff.

    How bad are your spasms without baclofen? Baclofen is not a regular muscle relaxer like Flexeril or Skelexin. That's why the ramping up and down. Have you tried any other anti-spasmotic like Zanaflex? When you take any of the meds you list do the spasms lessen like Vicoden or even Lasix?
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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      Hi Sue, As a matter of fact. I saw a new Cardio today. Learned more from her in 35min. than I did from old Cardio in 4 yrs. It was her opinion that a lot of different meds at higher levels could have an opposit reaction than what there supposed to. So she was not ruling anything out as a possibility. I guess it just depends on who you talk to. As always thanks for all the great tips from everyone here.



        First off, I have to ask why is your Neuro in charge of your spasticity? it should be your physiatrist. that is how it works here in Illinois.

        Also remember oral Baclofen does not target one area, the best way I was described was this..

        Take a base ball mit and set it in an open field, now take a box with a 100 balls drop them from a balloon say 100 feet above the mit. you will be lucky to see one ball land in the mit.

        The oral Baclofen travels through out your hole system before it reaches the target area. and may in turn be relaxing some of the mussels but not all in the target area.
        I was having similar problems with my oral Baclofen,I even maxed out on the dosage and then some. I am not on as many scrips as you but I am taking heart meds and Tramadol for pain as needed. my Physiatrist was the one in charge of my spasms and still is, she recommended the pump for me but I was very hesitant on that (entails another surgery). I finally chose to go with the pump after lots of debate and personal research. The pump was my ticket to no spasms let me rephrase that less spasms. I am also on 20mg of Zanaflex at night to help with the spasticity in my arm (I refuse to take it during the day due to nodding off). The pump works like a pitcher throwing the ball to the catcher, it hits the target every it takes less to do the job. Plus you don't feel so tired all the time, and you don't have to take blood tests every 3 months for fear of damage to your liver.