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  • World Trade Center Studies

    I just received the most recent information concerning WTC responders, etc., and apparently, they are now starting to look at myositis. It seems that up until now, the focus was PTSD, GERD, LPRD, RADS, etc.

    Is anyone aware of any studies, etc., concerning the exposure to the WTC toxins as it relates to TM and/or MS?

    The reason is that I had my attack in 5/04 A co-worker from another office, was dx'ed with TM a bit before me, and died shortly after my attack. NIH lists that TM hits 8,000 a year. So, it's interesting that we both got it after working WTC recovery.

    In the surveys/physicals/etc - my condition is noted as not being associated with WTC, even though I had chronic nosebleeds. Again, the statistical anomoly is making me curious.

    Thanks for any insight, ideas, or resources!

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