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Street drugs and TM/MS

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  • Street drugs and TM/MS

    I worked in the music biz for 26yrs. before TM. So of course I was exposed to just about everything. I at the end was using cocaine pretty heavily. Have known many colleges who have used coke and now have MS. Richard Pryor used and ended up with MS. So is this a real connection? Or am I just reading too much into this?

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    The causes of TM and MS still remain a mystery.

    I think it's just coincidence about the drug use .. although anytime one might abuse anything, there's bound to be some sort of consequence.

    But if TM & MS were the result, there'd be more ramps in the world!!!

    I was 12yrs old when afflicted and left paralyzed from the waist down completely ... I can assure you I was not doing any drugs at the time.

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      Lynnifer thanks for your response. It's good to finally find somewhere to interact about this disease. Fortunate for you that you don't know the trap of street drugs. Here are a few things I can say about coke from my experience. It's a very big stimulant. At large amounts done in one sitting. That drug restricts muscle movement. It restricts your jaws to where it becomes difficult to speak. Those types of restrictions were very close to the muscle restrictions I had at the onset of my TM. Unfortunate for me TM was not the only problem that drug caused me. As I now have Cardio Myopathy,resistive hypertension, and I'm in stage 4 of renal insufficiency. It just seems to me that since my symptoms were so very closely related that there might be a connection.[IMG]/forum/images/icons/icon5.gif[/IMG]