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  • 4-ap

    has anyone with TM tried the 4-ap drug? how did it work for you? I'm trying to get it I'd like some info from someone with TM.
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    It is how we rise.

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    Hi shana I been on it for 2 years now. Works great for me. But everyone is different. You have my yahoo address i can call you and you ask me questions about it. ANTY
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      Can't wait to try it! Hoping it will be on the market by January 2009.
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        4 ap

        It is already on the market as a compound. Gary has taken it for years now with moderate success. It tends to help GAry's eye sight, but also his walking. We are looking forward to the Jan 09 time release version. But watch it. It will wire you if you take it too late in the afternoon. God forbid you take it at night by mistake like Gary did recently