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Spinal Cord Injury W/O radiographic Abnormalities

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  • Spinal Cord Injury W/O radiographic Abnormalities

    Has anyonne been diagnosed with SCIWORA or heard of it?
    Has an accident LOC and upon awakening could not feel or move from mid torso down, had loss of reflexes, and lost control of bowel and bladder. They did an extensive workup of MRI, CT, and X-rays. The only thing they found in the MRI was some abnormal signals at the spinal cord at T-11-12 level. They doctor said it was rare and he had only seen this a few other times in adults but that it was called SCIWORA and that it was a spinal cord injury caused from probably hyperflexion. At first I was given a complete title until a few days when I left the hospital I was given an incomplete title because i started to regain some feeling back in my right quad. My parents and I were told that the likely hood of me walking again was slim. While I was in inpatient rehab I started to gain some muscle control back, more so in the right leg. I have some right hip, some right quad and hamstring and some left hip.
    I was sent home from rehab and told to follow up with a PM&R and my family physician. I have done a lot of research on SCIWORA and cant find anything that is giving me information, and have found that it is RARELY seen in a young adultlike myself.
    Have you seen this? Is this more common than we were told? Is there any way to treat this or not?

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    Here's some articles on CC