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    Transparent frog

    A research team led by professor Masayuki Sumida at Hiroshima University’s Institute for Amphibian Biology has created a type of transparent frog whose internal organs are visible through its skin. The researchers say the see-through frogs can help in the study of diseases and in the development of medical treatments by allowing laboratory scientists to check the status of internal organs and blood vessels while the frogs are alive and without having to dissect them.

    According to Sumida, the transparent frog is the result of breeding two specimens of Japanese brown frog (Rana japonica) that had a genetic mutation giving them pale skin. By selectively breeding their offspring, the researchers were able to create a frog that remains transparent for its entire life cycle. Most of the world’s known transparent creatures live underwater, and transparent four-legged animals are extremely rare.

    The researchers also say that by fusing the genes of fluorescent proteins to the frog’s genes, they can create frogs that glow. Glowing frogs can help scientists study specific “problem” genes by providing a real-time visual indication (i.e. the frogs glow) when those genes become active.

    Professor Sumida says, “Transparent frogs will prove useful as laboratory animals because they make it easier and cheaper to observe the development and progress of cancer, the growth and aging of internal organs, and the effects of chemicals on organs.”

    The results of the research will be announced at a meeting of the Zoological Society of Japan on September 22.

    I noticed it is a Tree Frog and not a pond type (no webbed feet) that is cool. It did not mention the size of it, by the looks I would have to say an inch or two at the most. Or if it would ever become available to the public (then money talks).

    It will be better to observe the rate of cancer this way. I often wondered if it would be better to observe the growth rate this way than to do dissecting. They may find a cure faster this way.

    It would have been a lot better to have had one back in high school to observe than doing the dissecting.

    Anyway I think it is cool thanks for sharing this Wise.


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