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    Expanding earth theory

    I've taken my share of science/geology courses and haven't run across this one. Basically, a theory that undermines plate tectonics, Pangea and all that goes with it. I can recite like a parrot everything I've been taught and told how the earth "really" formed and so on, but it's interesting to hear other theories and remember that that they are just that...theories.

    Not staking my name to the idea, but read up - there is lots of info on the subject, maybe everything we've learned as "facts" are wrong. Or maybe not?

    Layman's Video
    A quick intro on the subject

    Expanding Earth (goes in depth)
    The planet is accreting new mass consisting of TWO types of matter from outer space— meteorites and meteor dust, plus solar energy captured by photo- synthesis in living organisms—which could happen only after water appeared on the planet’s surface to support organic growth.
    Meteorites falling to Earth, large and small, have been known for centuries, but more recent scientific measurements show that an even greater volume of dust and meteorites (hundreds, possibly thousands, of tons) accretes onto Earth's surface every day!
    The estimates vary widely (wildly?)—from ~274 to ~55,000 tons per day [Newkirk in Meteor Orbits and Dust, NASA, 1967], but one can imagine the potential volume of accreting extraterrestrial material from the very large number of meteor streams (10 major and 374 minor, of which 154 are the most authentic) reported by Terentjeva [ibid.] She reported “Generally, the existence is accepted of several hundred minor meteor showers with a duration of not less than 3 to 7 days and an average rate not exceeding 2 meteors per hour.”
    Although today the daily volume of extraterrestrial matter from space may be minuscule relative to Earth’s total mass, even one kilogram of new matter is unquestionably an addition of mass and gravitational power. This influx is well known but has been grossly underestimated and dismissed as insignificant—despite massive amounts of meteoric, geologic and organic evidence found in immense coal, oil, and limestone deposits, plus deep overburdens, on every continent and in all ocean sediments.

    Video how mountains were instead formed (instead of subduction)